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Help BAN Vaccine Passports in Michigan by Passing HB 4667! -- Contact your State Legislators today!
After a year's worth of Covid-induced lockdowns, mask mandates, and unconstitutional social restrictions, Americans across our country are longing to resume their normal, everyday lives.

But talk among the political class suggests we may be headed down a different path: Some Democrats in Congress and in state capitols across our country are discussing (and, in some instances, openly advocating for) the development of vaccine passports -- formal documentation that confirms, in writing, whether an individual has received the new Covid-19 jab.

Thankfully, lawmakers at the state level are already moving proactively by introducing legislation to reject these unconstitutional measures here in Michigan.

But they need our help -- now is the time to let our State Legislators know that we support a ban on vaccine passports!

You can contact your State Legislators in one easy step using this simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here, on the Voter Voice platform.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representatives without having to look up any of their contact details.

The bill in question, House Bill (HB) 4667, was introduced by Republican Representative Sue Allor and is sponsored by several other members of the Michigan House.

If passed and signed into law, HB 4667 would preemptively prohibit any state government agency or entity from developing a vaccine passport program, and producing and/or issuing any such documentation, here in Michigan.

Failure to comply with the newly established law's provisions would result in the levying of a $1,000 civil fine, and potentially even prosecution.

HB 4667's language is clear and concise (the bill is only two pages in length), and seeks to ensure that every Michigander -- regardless of vaccination status -- is able go about resuming and living their normal lives without the looming threat of retributional government action, coercion, or discrimination.

Since its introduction on April 20th, HB 4667 has been referred to the House Oversight Committee for further review and consideration. Should it be approved, the bill will move to the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives for a full vote.

The idea that government should not be able to coerce individuals into getting vaccinated against their own wishes should not be a partisan political issue. Likewise, a proactive ban on vaccine passports should not be controversial -- it should be the law of the land here in Michigan.

And now's the time to let our State Legislators know that we support this crucial legislation.

Please take a few minutes to contact your State Legislators, and request that they support HB 4667 if and when it comes before them for a vote.

The people of our state should never (be it now or in the future) be subjected to any efforts - be it at the state or federal level - to get vaccinated as a requirement to resume living normally.

States across America are already rising up to proactively reject unconstitutional vaccine passports, and now it's Michigan's turn to stand up for medical freedom and individual liberty by passing HB 4667!

Thank you for helping deliver this message.


Learn more about HB 4667 and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/MI/bill/HB4667/2021

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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