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ALERT: Defeat 'Vaccine Registries' in New York! -- Contact your State Legislators today!

Two companion bills that would require health care providers to report all vaccinations they administer to New Yorkers to the State Department of Health have been introduced in the State Legislature!

S75 and A279, both of which have been approved by their respective corresponding committees in party-line votes, must be blocked as soon as possible, and we need your help to do it.

That's why we're asking you to contact your New York Legislators - both in the State Senate and Assembly - and request that they oppose these bills, and stand against any and all efforts to coerce New Yorkers into intrusive medical tracking.

You can reach your State Legislators in one easy step using this simple contact form that we're making available here on the LifeSite Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representatives without having to look up any of their contact details.

The bills in question, both introduced and sponsored by Democrat members of the New York State Legislature, would require health care providers across the state to report all immunizations they administer to New Yorkers within 14 days to either the State Department of Health or the New York City Department of Health, where they'll be added to a state-run database.

This would apply to all New Yorkers nineteen years of age or older who choose to get vaccinated on an "opt out" basis (a provision added in an amendment just two weeks ago).

Regardless, state government efforts to collect medical data on its residents, even with an option to "opt out," is not good policy -- it's massive government overreach that could lead down a very slippery slope, plain and simple.

And even though these bills have been approved by their respective committees (the Senate Health Committee for S75, and the Assembly Rules Committee for A279), neither have managed to gain any bipartisan support thus far -- no Republican legislators have voted to advance either.

But this shouldn't be a partisan issue; merely the idea of forming a state vaccination registry has the historical undertones of something far more nefarious than collection of medical data for the "public good," or, as sponsoring Sen. Brad Hoylman (D) called it, "a matter of life or death, if we don’t get this information into public officials’ hands."

Bottom line: Advancing S75 and/or A279 would be an extraordinarily dangerous step in the wrong direction, and the people of New York must stand up for their personal rights and individual liberties by imploring their elected representatives to oppose these invasive, entirely unnecessary bills as soon as possible!

These bills only serve to increase discrimination against those who choose against getting the new Covid jab - be it for personal, medical, or faith-based reasons - by subjecting them to Scarlet Letter-style government labeling, and they must be defeated as soon as possible.

Please contact your State Legislators today and encourage them to vote against both S75 and A279 if and when either comes to before them for a vote.

Thank you!


Read more about S75 and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/NY/bill/S00075/2021

Read more about A279 and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/NY/bill/A00279/2021
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