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New Jersey Catholic Bishops: Stop Satanism on WSOU -- Shut Down Seton Hall's radio station now!

Faithful New Jersey Catholics are calling on Cardinal Tobin and the bishops of New Jersey to act now, to shut down Seton Hall University's radio station, WSOU.

Since 1986, WSOU has been blasting out Satanic filth, using Church-owned property to spew demonic lyrics throughout the Archdiocese of Newark and into neighboring New York City.

Indeed, Metalsucks, a website dedicated to news and reviews of so-called "metal-related music," describes WSOU as "a lifeline for New York City-area metalheads…an integral part of every metal band’s marketing/radio strategy for their new albums, and since become available for anyone anywhere in the world to hear online."

So, WSOU is actually a pretty big deal in this dark corner of our imploding culture.

But, here's the rub: WSOU, and its FCC license, are owned by Seton Hall University, which, in turn, is part of the Archdiocese of Newark...which means that Cardinal Tobin, as chairman of the university’s Board of Regents and Board of Trustees actually has jurisdiction and final say over what is going on at WSOU.

Would you consider contacting New Jersey's Conference of Catholic Bishops with LifeSite's Action Center, to ask Cardinal Tobin and the bishops of New Jersey to take action to shut down WSOU, once and for all?

Simply fill-in the form on the right-side of this page, and a message will be sent directly to the NJ Catholic Bishops' Conference, easily and simply, and without having to look-up their information.

Despite protestations by WSOU's general manager and the station's manager (as of Sept. 2020), Mark Maben and Michael Daly, that WSOU does not broadcast demonic music, two Catholic organizations have been keeping track and have collected evidence showing that the station continues to play openly Satanic material, even from March to June of this year. This is despite the station removing their music playlist from their website, which conveniently removes an accessible place for the public to hold WSOU accountable.

The "Shut Down WSOU" organization, headed by Richard Smaglick, and the Lepanto Institute, headed by Michael Hichborn, have directly documented more than 100 occasions when WSOU has played songs that counter the Catholic message. LifeSite has highlighted many examples of this evidence in reports, which you may click on below, to really understand and judge for yourself the content airing on WSOU.

And, in spite of numerous past changes in programming format and internal review mechanisms which are supposed to ensure that nothing contrary to the University's Catholic mission is broadcast, this keeps happening.

Bizarrely, for a Catholic university, the following message pops-up on WSOU's website, as a kind of false disclaimer that WSOU is somehow beyond control and, therefore, beyond reproach: "The programming heard on WSOU does not represent the opinions and beliefs of Seton Hall University or its employees and students. WSOU’s music and talk programming is presented as entertainment and is not intended to promote any specific lifestyle, belief, political affiliation, or other personal practice."

WSOU seems to think they are untouchable.

Cardinal Tobin and the bishops of New Jersey need to urgently step-in and shut down WSOU.

To promote this noble effort, 'Shut Down WSOU' and the Lepanto Institute have held and continue to hold on site rosary rallies, to offer prayers of reparation to God and to ask Him for special help in this request. Go to shutdownwsou.com to find out more.

Now, please take action and CONTACT the New Jersey Conference of Catholic Bishops about this important matter by simply filling-in the form on the right-hand side of this page.

Thank you and may God bless you!


CAUTION: The first two LifeSite articles contain examples of lyrics of gravely offensive songs which have been documented as being played on WSOU.

'New Jersey Catholics to gather in prayer against Satanic music played by diocesan university radio station'

'New Jersey Catholics pray for an end to Seton Hall University radio station airing Satanic music'

'Catholic organization calls for WSOU to be taken off air'

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