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ALERT: Say NO to Biden's Door-to-Door Vaccinations! -- Contact your Federal AND State Legislators today!

As you've probably heard, Joe Biden's massive public coercion campaign to force people to get the Covid-19 vaccination may soon be coming to your doorstep -- literally.

And we need YOU to contact both your Federal AND State Legislators, and urge them to take swift action against any potential Biden Administration efforts to implement a door-to-door vaccination program funded by our tax dollars.

Just last week, Joe Biden announced that his administration intends to ramp up its efforts to coerce more Americans into getting one of the new Covid jabs in the coming weeks and months.

And it looks like nothing is off the table in terms of how they plan to achieve that...

“Now we need to go community by community, neighborhood by neighborhood, and oftentimes door by door – literally knocking on doors to get help to the remaining people,” Biden confirmed in a speech last Tuesday.

This sentiment was echoed by Biden's Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, in a briefing the same day, when she confirmed the administration's plan to pursue "targeted community by community, door to door outreach to get the remaining Americans vaccinated."

These disturbing announcements come in the wake of Biden's failure to convince his Administration's desired number of Americans to get Covid vaccine, which, of course, millions of people have naturally decided against getting.

Let's call this exactly what it is: A blatant attempt by the federal government to discriminate further against unvaccinated Americans, and push an experimental, emergency-use vaccine on individuals who may be reluctant, or flat-out unwilling, to take it.

As we've stressed before, every American should be free to make this decision without excessive intervention, and if they ultimately decide against getting the Covid jab -- be it for medical, faith-based, or simply personal reasons -- that is their prerogative, not the government's.

But Joe Biden's plans to expand his already overtly coercive vaccination efforts into a full-blown public intimidation campaign -- one that may soon send government officials directly to the doorstep of unvaccinated people's homes -- is a dark reminder of how far radical bureaucrats are willing to go to push this agenda.

The truth is, we don't know what the full extent of this program would (or could) be.

For instance, could such a program involve the use of a federal vaccination registry? Unfortunately, such questions now must be asked.

That's why NOW is the time for elected officials to take a stand and let Joe Biden know that he's taken things too far.

Lawmakers across our country must take action immediately, whether it be to ban such a program through federal or state legislation, or simply through vocal advocacy for individuals' right to privacy and freedom from government medical coercion. It's time for our elected officials to stand up for the rights of ALL Americans against this unprecedented overreach.

That's why we need you to be proactive and lend your voice to this effort by contacting both your Federal AND State Legislators and urging them to reject any program that would send government officials to the homes of unvaccinated Americans in an attempt to coerce them into getting the new Covid jab.

You can reach your Federal and State Legislators in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your elected officials without having to look up any of their contact details.

No American should have to live in fear that the government will soon come knocking at their door, invading their privacy and using intimidation tactics that harken back to far more harrowing times in an effort to fill an entirely political vaccination quota.

That's why, with your help, we must do everything in our power to stop this misguided door-to-door coercion campaign in its tracks, as soon as possible.

Thank you!

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock
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