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ALERT: Vaccinations for Minors WITHOUT Parental Consent? -- Ask your State Legislators to reject S1517/H2271!

Democrats in the Massachusetts State Legislature are taking their statewide vaccination coercion campaign to the next level, and are now actively pushing legislation that would allow minors to get the Covid-19 vaccine WITHOUT parental consent.

We don't have to stress to you how jaw-droppingly misguided this is, but we do need YOUR help to stop it...

Will you join our effort to contact Massachusetts State Legislators today, and ask them to oppose Senate Bill (S) 1517 and House Bill (H) 2271 if and when they come before them for a vote?

You can reach your State Legislators in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to their office without having to look up any contact details.

Then, please SHARE this important call to action with your friends and family members to spread the word across Massachusetts!

The bills in question are the Senate's S1517 and its companion House bill H2271. Both are known as "An Act Promoting Community Immunity," and while their content/text is nearly identical, what either bill would mean for Massachusetts -- not to mention the rights of parents across our commonwealth -- is far more serious than we're being led to believe.

In short, these bills would effectively ransack consent rights from the parents of Massachusetts minors and transfer them to the government, all for the purpose of strengthening the state's already intrusive Covid-19 public vaccination campaign.

In other words, should either of these bills become law in our state, health care providers would be permitted to inoculate minors for any infectious disease that they're "at risk of contracting" without having to first notify their parents or obtain their permission. The text of the bill even fails to specify a minimum age requirement for the minor to get vaccinated independently, opening the door to potential medical complications that could put childrens' lives at risk.

It also loosens religious exemption restrictions for Massachusetts schools, effectively freeing any educational institution to require whatever vaccines they deem necessary, regardless of a student's needs and/or his/her parents' misgivings, be they for faith-based, medical, or simply personal reasons.

But the good news is that there's still time to stop this dangerous legislation in its tracks.

Thus far, neither bill has made it past committee and to the floor for a vote, so there's still time to get in touch with members of the State Legislature and let them know that the people of Massachusetts OPPOSE removing parental consent for minors to get the Covid-19 vaccine, and we need your help to get the job done.

Please take a few minutes today to contact your State Legislators -- both in the Massachusetts House and Senate -- and urge them to protect parental rights and oppose both S1517 and H2271 if and when it comes before them for a vote.

Thank you!


Learn more about S1517 and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/MA/bill/S1517/2021

Learn more about H2271 and read its full text:  https://legiscan.com/MA/bill/H2271/2021

'Massachusetts legislature mulls allowing kids of any age to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent':  https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/massachusetts-legislature-mulls-allowing-kids-of-any-age-to-be-vaccinated-without-parental-knowledge-or-consent

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