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ALERT: Stand Against Mask Mandates in Arkansas Schools! -- Contact your General Assembly Members today!

Last Thursday, after meeting with members of the General Assembly, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced that he'd be calling a special legislative session with the goal of getting lawmakers to consider REVERSING Arkansas' ban on mask mandates in schools!

With the CDC's recent decision to suddenly reverse its guidance on masks, Gov. Hutchinson, a Republican, seems to be falling in line with the Washington elite rather than defending the rights of Arkansas students, and we need your help to prevent this from happening.

Can we count on you to contact your General Assembly Members, both in the Arkansas House of Representatives and Senate, and urge them to reject Gov. Hutchinson's request to reverse Arkansas' ban on mask mandates in schools during the upcoming special session?

You can reach your General Assembly Members in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message is sent directly to their office without having to look up any contact details.

Then, please SHARE this important call to action with your friends and family members to spread the word across Arkansas!

The policy in question, known as Act 1002, brought an end to mandatory mask requirements issued by a state agency or entity in Arkansas, and explicitly banned the use of face coverings as a condition for "entry, education, or services."

Then known as Senate Bill 590, it was approved by the General Assembly and signed by Gov. Hutchinson back in April, but now, he appears to be having second thoughts.

As a result, Gov. Hutchinson has officially called a special session of the Arkansas General Assembly to make changes to the legislation, specifically with respect to its approach to schools and students. He has also declared a new public health emergency.

The goal of this special legislative session is simple: To change (or possibly even repeal) Act 1002, and make it easier for schools to require children to wear face coverings while in attendance, even though they've proven largely ineffective at slowing the spread of Covid-19.

Science and logic should dictate public health policy, and both tell us that mandatory mask mandates for healthy adults and children are dubious at best, and counter-productive at worst.

Until March of 2020, public health authorities had always advised the general public that masks were ineffective against viruses because most masks worn are made of material which cannot physically filter-out virus particles.

And it goes without saying that last year has been a difficult -- even detrimental -- one for children and students in Arkansas and across our nation, and while Gov. Hutchinson has confirmed that he will not issue a new statewide mask mandate or business closures, now is not the time to take any further steps backward.

Abruptly scrapping the original text from Act 1002 and replacing it with watered down language that greases the wheels for excessive new mask requirements in Arkansas schools -- or worse: nixing it altogether -- is NOT the answer. And appeasing the Biden Administration's indecisive CDC by forcing young children to "mask up" should absolutely be off the table.

Arkansas students are not political pawns, and Gov. Hutchinson should know better: Calling a special session to hack away at Act 1002, which protects the individual rights of all Arkansans from intrusive mask mandates, will only prolong the duress and distress that our children and students have been under constantly since 2020.

We need YOUR help to keep Act 1002 the law of the land here in the Natural State.

Please take a few minutes to contact your General Assembly Members today, and ask them to stand against any efforts to amend or repeal Act 1002 during the upcoming special legislative session.

Thank you!


Read the full text of Act 1002 HERE:  https://www.arkleg.state.ar.us/Acts/FTPDocument?path=%2FACTS%2F2021R%2FPublic%2F&file=1002.pdf&ddBienniumSession=2021%2F2021R

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