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2021 NEBRASKA LEGISLATIVE REPORT - Contact your State Legislators today!


In a year that has been, at best, challenging, and, at worst, downright demoralizing for conservatives, Christians, and freedom-loving patriots across our country, two things have become clear:  (1) Under Joe Biden, Washington, DC has been hopelessly overrun by the radical left, and (2) Americans would be wise to look elsewhere for policies and leadership that will defend our rights and uphold our shared principles.

As a result, individual states have become ground zero in the nationwide battle to defend our nation against the left's all-out attack on our culture, our history, and our future.

That's why we're reaching out to Nebraskans like you: To keep you abreast of important developments -- both the good news and the bad news -- to come out of this year's legislative session in Lincoln with respect to our ongoing fight to protect life, families, and our shared freedoms.

In providing this important information about legislation that was introduced, we hope you'll take this opportunity to reach out to your State Legislators, and let them know about the issues you wish to see addressed the next time the Nebraska Legislature convenes.

The 2021 Nebraska legislative session began on January 6th, and adjourned on June 10th, meaning that, barring the convening of a special, originally unscheduled session, the State Legislature will not meet again until next year's session.

PURPOSE:  To protect an individual's right to accept or decline a vaccination under a mandatory directive
STATUS:  Introduced; did not advance
A simple and concise bill (the body of which is less than one full page in length), LB 643 would have reaffirmed the right of all Nebraska citizens to decide for themselves whether or not to get vaccinated, regardless of any future mandate(s) that may be issued by the state, and specifically cited the proposal's application to both parents (with respect to their children/dependents) and businesses (with respect to their employees). Per its text, "[d]eclining a mandatory vaccination directive will deliver no implication, penalty, litigation, or punishment by the state to the citizen, parent, or business." The bill was originally introduced in January and referred to the Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee, but, while the state never issued any such mandate, the bill did not gain sufficient momentum to advance through the legislative process.

PURPOSE:  To mandate coverage of contraceptives in public and private health insurance plans
STATUS:  Introduced; did not advance

This bill, which was introduced back in January and advanced by the Legislature's Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee, would have required all private and public insurers (including Medicaid) operating within the state of Nebraska to cover FDA-approved prescription contraceptives in the plans they offer with an exception applying to those reserved for a specific disease or condition. In other words, LB 20, had it been approved, would have opened the door to taxpayer funding of contraception at the state level. It was never scheduled for debate on the floor of the Legislature and, therefore, did not advance.

PURPOSE:  To bring a state constitutional amendment to the ballot in 2022 regarding mandatory voter ID in Nebraska

STATUS:  Introduced; did not advance

If passed, this resolution, introduced back in January, would have brought a state constitutional amendment to the voters in the November 2022 election that, if approved, would require all Nebraska voters to present a form of photo identification in order to cast a vote in future state elections. The text of the amendment, as presented to voters, would have read "A constitutional amendment to require verification of identity in a manner provided by the Legislature prior to voting." LR 3CA was referred to the Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee, but failed to gain enough traction to advance in the legislative process.

PURPOSE:  To bring a state constitutional amendment to the ballot in 2022 regarding the legalization of marijuana in Nebraska
STATUS:  Introduced; did not advance

Another resolution with the goal of bringing a constitutional amendment to the ballot, LR 2CA sought to legalize marijuana, for all purposes, within the state of Nebraska. Per the text of the bill, any Nebraskan 21 years of age or older would be legally permitted to participate in the "cultivation, manufacture, distribution, consumption, and sale of cannabis in any form" should the amendment be approved by voters. Its text, as prepared for the ballot, read "A constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis for persons twenty-one years of age or older and to require the Legislature to enact laws relating to cannabis." However, LR 2CA gained little traction, and failed to advance out of the Legislature's Judiciary Committee.


With a legislative trifecta in place (meaning complete control of both the governor's mansion and the Legislature -- Nebraska's is unicameral), Republicans managed to approve a good deal of legislation (and block some less than ideal bills) with little difficulty. But with that said, a number of important issues still managed to slip through the cracks  -- issues that should be at the top of lawmakers' list of priorities come the next legislative session.

We want legislators who will stand up for our values, prioritize common-sense in legislating, and advance pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom policies in future sessions, and this is YOUR chance to let Nebraska's elected lawmakers know exactly what your expectations are for them when they return to Lincoln in January.

Please take a few minutes to contact your Senator in the Nebraska Legislature now, and urge him or her to take a courageous, common-sense approach to legislating that will advance a principled agenda that protects life, family, and freedom here in the Cornhusker State.

Thank you!


**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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