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Mississippi Senate Votes to BAN CRT! -- Let's get this bill across the finish line!
The Mississippi Senate has officially approved legislation that would ban the teaching of divisive, racist concepts like Critical Race Theory in our children's classrooms!

This is excellent news, and further evidence that the voices of concerned parents from every corner of our state are being heard LOUDLY and CLEARLY by our elected officials!

But the work isn't done quite yet: The bill still needs to gain final approval from the Mississippi House of Representatives before it goes to Governor Reeves' desk, and we need YOUR help to get it there!

Can we count on you to send a message to your State House Member as soon as possible, and ask them to stand against attempts to inject identity politics into Mississippi classrooms by supporting this crucial legislation when it comes before them for a vote?

You can reach your State House Member in one easy step using this simple contact form (see right) that we're making available here on LifeSite's Action Center.

With one click, your message will be sent directly to his or her office without having to look up any contact details yourself.

Then, please SHARE this important information with your friends and family members to spread the word across Mississippi!

SB 2113 is a relatively concise piece of legislation that seeks to eliminate all forms of racial, ethnic, religious, and gender-based discrimination in Mississippi schools' curricula.

Sponsored by Senator Michael McLendon and other Republican members of the Mississippi Senate, the bill would outright prohibit any academic concept that teaches students that any one or more groups of people are "inherently superior or inferior" due to their race (and other personal characteristics) from our children's classrooms.

This is one of the primary tenets of Critical Race Theory (CRT), an educational theory with Marxist origins that claims all American institutions are rooted in and uphold a racially-based, white supremacist hierarchy that's designed specifically to oppress the black community.

As a result, SB 2113 -- should it be fully passed and signed into law by the governor -- would surely keep this intentionally divisive theory out of Mississippi schools, colleges, and universities going forward.

In fact, the bill specifically bars each of the following entities from teaching such lessons under a threat of withheld funding:

  • Public institutions of higher learning
  • Community/junior colleges
  • School districts
  • Public schools (including public charter schools)


When the Mississippi Senate voted on SB 2113 on January 24th, all but two of the chamber's Democrats walked out in protest rather than casting a vote on the legislation. Nonetheless, a proper legislative quorum had still been in place, and the Senate ultimately voted to approve the bill by a vote of 32-2.

Now, SB 2113 moves onto the Mississippi House of Representatives for further review and consideration and, even with a strong Republican majority that's likely to give it the final greenlight, it's up to us to let ALL of our elected representatives in the House know that we support this important bill! 

So please, take a few minutes today to contact your State House Member, and encourage him or her to support SB 2113, which will ban divisive concepts like Critical Race Theory that discriminate against others due to their race from Mississippi classrooms, once and for all.

America is divided enough, and radical ideological concepts like Critical Race Theory have no place in the state of Mississippi. Our children need to be educated and taught how to think for themselves, not indoctrinated to a radical, Marxist theory that seeks to sow division among racial groups and increase hate within our communities.

Now is the time to stand against these dangerous social concepts, and SB 2113 will help our state do exactly that.

Thank you!


Learn more about SB 2113, and read its full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/MS/bill/SB2113/2022

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