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Arizona Parents DEMAND Classroom Transparency! -- Help THIS important bill become law in one easy step...
As parents across America become more aware of what's going on in their children's schools, the movement to replace indoctrination with actual education is growing stronger daily, and Arizona is taking a stand for academic transparency! Senate Bill 1211 will give power back to parents, and we need YOU to help make it law!

Political and social indoctrination has taken the place of true education in our schools. After two years' worth of virtual schooling and remote learning, parents across America are now more aware of this than ever.

Arizona has noticed, too, and by introducing Senate Bill (SB) 1211 in the State Legislature, our state has a great opportunity to help restore the rights of parents by strengthening academic transparency. 

You can learn more about this bill by clicking HERE.

Join this campaign to urge members of the Arizona Legislature to support SB 1211, and SHARE it with friends and family members!

SB 1211, which was approved by the Senate Education Committee in a 5-3 vote back in February, would amend the Arizona Revised Statute by adding new provisions that would strengthen the rights of parents when it comes to their children's education and ability to access information regarding schools' curriculum.

This would be accomplished by requiring teachers at state-funded schools to disclose all materials, assignments, and activities to be used in the classroom by posting them on the school's website at least one week before the start of the school year, or, if it is unavailable then, at least three days before it is introduced in the classroom.

Needless to say, a law like this would go a long way in cracking down on the infiltration of classrooms with dangerous, divisive, and politically-charged lesson materials meant to indoctrinate our children to a specific worldview rather than educate them and teach them how to think freely and independently.

Arizona is in a position to set an important precedent for how other states can do just that, but we must act now!

Please take this opportunity to stand up for classroom transparency, and urge your state legislators to support SB 1211 when it comes before them for a vote!

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