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Say NO to Sexual Ideology in Children's Classrooms with SB 613!
It's no secret that the radical left is targeting America's children in their efforts to transform our country, and, as of late, it seems like nothing is off limits. That's why Georgia lawmakers have approved Senate Bill 613which bans the introduction of sexual ideology in young children's classrooms, and we need YOUR help to get it through the legislative process!

As you may have heard, the Florida Legislature recently approved a bill that would ban the discussion of sexual ideology in Kindergarten through 3rd grade classrooms, and place further restrictions on the introduction of such information at higher grade levels, as well. 

Of course, this was an excellent step in the right direction, and now, it's Georgia's turn to do the same!

By introducing Senate Bill (SB) 613, Georgia lawmakers have made clear that they will not sit idly by while the radical left continues its effort to sexualize young children for political gain. You can learn more about this bill by clicking HERE.

Join this campaign to urge members of the Georgia General Assembly to support SB 613 now, and SHARE it with friends and family members!

SB 613 was introduced in the Georgia State Senate just over a week ago. 

Should it fully advance through the legislative process and be signed into law, the bill would prohibit materials that "promote, compel, or encourage classroom discussion of sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels or in a manner that is not appropriate for the age and developmental stage of the student" in Georgia's private and nonpublic schools.

Also known as the Common Humanity in Private Education Act, this legislation would additionally crack down on any lessons that divide students based on skin color and integrate Marxist, politically-charged concepts born of Critical Race Theory that attempt to manipulate students into "adopt[ing] language and attitudes that promote racial division and discrimination.”

SB 613 has been compared to Florida's Parental Rights in Education legislation, which earned national headlines after opponents deceitfully dubbed it the "Don't Say Gay Bill." It was approved by the Florida Legislature just last week, and Gov. DeSantis is likely to sign it into law. 

And with your help, Georgia can be next!

It should truly go without saying, but any discussion of sex in the classroom, particularly for such young children, is beyond disturbing and worthy of not only opposition, but also suspicion. This common sense bill, in its current form, would ensure this does not happen in Georgia's private schools, and, possibly (should it be amended as such), in public schools, as well.

Please take this opportunity to urge state lawmakers to support SB 613 when it comes before them for a vote, and to consider amending its language to also cover public schools.

Thank you!


Georgia Republicans introduce Florida-style bill banning sexual ideology for young kids (LifeSiteNews)

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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