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NO WAY to Vaccine Passports! -- Demand lawmakers reject medical tracking of Americans!
Americans have been subjected to unconstitutional measures since the beginning of the Covid outbreak. But even with the virus slowing down, we should remain vigilant in defense of our rights. Lawmakers across America must continue to resist the implementation of dangerous vaccine passport programs, and you can remind them to do so by joining THIS CAMPAIGN...

There exists perhaps no greater threat to medical autonomy than the introduction of "vaccine passports," which serve the purposes of tracking Americans and limiting their free movement within society and around the world.

Join this campaign to help STOP vaccine passports by urging both federal AND state lawmakers to reject their implementation at all costs, and SHARE it with friends and family members!

While all seems quiet on the Covid front, Americans have learned that -- after two years -- the Coronavirus can quickly make a comeback.

And when it does, authoritarian-minded politicians at every level of government will jump at the chance to return our country and its people to the "new normal" of lockdowns, mandates, and unprecedented infringements against our constitutional rights.

But don't be fooled, because the introduction of vaccine passports isn't always labeled as such. 

In fact, some states, cities, and localities (and even countries across the globe) have launched their very own vaccine passport programs under the deceitful guise of "digital health ID systems," in which users are often required to download an app to their phone that stores their vaccination status and, in turn, is expected to present them in order to gain entry to certain establishments.

And this isn't only happening in left-leaning, Democrat-controlled states; in fact, some traditionally red states have begun jumping on the bandwagon, as well.

States like Arizona, Mississippi, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Utah, where either vaccine passport bans are on the books or such programs are opposed by the sitting governor, have begun to entertain the possibility of implementing digital health ID systems, often claiming that doing so would streamline processes and assist citizens with accessing their medical records.

But the truth is this:  Introducing such technology will inevitably lead states -- and our country as a whole -- down a dangerous, globally-planned path that can only lead to excessive tracking, surveillance, and control of law-abiding citizens. 

And if America begins to embrace digital health ID programs, vaccine passports will be the permanent new normal.

This is a terrifying prospect, but it does not have to be our new reality...

Please take this opportunity to stand against unconstitutional vaccine passports by calling on legislators at both the federal and state levels to oppose their implementation going forward.

Thank you!

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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