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Urge the CA State Assembly and Gov. Newsom to REJECT CA Infanticide Bill
The California State Assembly will debate an outrageous bill which, according to legal experts, could legalize infanticide! Please ADD your voice to this call to all Assembly members and Gov. Newsom, to REJECT this bloody-minded bill and protect the innocent.

As a native Californian, I am horrified to learn that the California State Assembly has directed its full fire towards innocent infants of California.

One of the most egregious, bloody-minded bills in state history, Assembly Bill 2223 (or, AB 2223), has just been advanced out of committee.

Pro-life groups and attorneys warn that AB 2223, authored by Democrat Buffy Wicks, could legalize infanticide for weeks or even years after a baby is born.

We must, therefore, take action now and CONTACT our State Assembly Members, State Senators and Governor Newsom, telling them, in no uncertain terms, that this bill must be opposed and, or, vetoed.

Would you take a minute to contact your California state lawmakers right now by taking action with this easy-to-use form on the right-hand side of this page?

The updated language of the law states that a "person shall not be subject to civil or criminal liability or penalty, or otherwise deprived of their rights, based on their actions or omissions with respect to their pregnancy or actual, potential, or alleged pregnancy outcome, including miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, or perinatal death."

While Wicks and other proponents of the bill have argued that the provision barring the investigation of perinatal death is intended to prevent the criminalization of mothers whose babies died naturally, the language has raised alarm bells among attorneys and pro-life advocates.

Thomas More Society special counsel Charles LiMandri told LifeSiteNews in an email that the altered language would allow for "the brutal murder" of babies weeks, months, or even years "after they are born."

LiMandri noted that the definition of the term “perinatal” varies, spanning weeks or even years after an infant is born.

Similarly, attorney Susan S. Arnall of the Right to Life League explained that "AB 2223 literally decriminalizes infanticide — the killing of babies up to a month old and maybe older. It does this by eliminating civil and criminal penalties for abortions, including 'perinatal death.' The bill doesn’t define the term 'perinatal' – but it doesn’t have to."

This bill is nothing short of diabolical and shows the extent of the disdain its sponsors and supporters have for the innocent. It must be pointed out that only Democratic Assembly Members have sponsored and voted for this cowardly bill which attacks human life at its most vulnerable.

Please take this opportunity to add your voice to this effort, and urge your California State Legislators to reject AB 2223 if and when it comes before them for a vote!

Ask your legislators to have a change of heart...to soften their hearts to the cries of the innocent. Thank you!

Yours faithfully,

Scott Schittl and the whole Team at LifeSite


'California advances abortion bill that attorneys say could legalize killing babies after birth'

'Babies could be killed 28 days after birth under proposed Maryland law, attorney warns'

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