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U.S. Senators: STOP Biden's attack on medical professionals' conscience rights
The Biden administration plans to ​obliterate​ conscience protections for medical professionals, ​forcing them to perform abortions, transgender surgeries and euthanasia ​against their will. Urge your ​U.S. Senators ​to introduce legislation protecting the conscience rights of all Americans.

Can you imagine being forced to abort a baby in the womb, or lose your job?

Well, that could be the reality facing medical professionals as the Biden administration prepares to strip them of their right to conscientious objection.

JOIN this campaign TODAY and send ​your U.S. Senators a direct message that they must introduce legislation that will protect the conscience rights of all Americans.

Joe Biden's administration must never be allowed to force medics to participate in abortions, euthanasia and transgender procedures.

The White House recently published a placeholder for a “Rescission of the Regulation” of the “Protecting Statutory Conscience Rights in Health Care; Delegations of Authority” rule finalized under the Trump administration in 2019.

The Trump-era rule provides conscience protections for professionals who do not want to engage in “abortion, sterilization, and certain other health services,” “assisted suicide, euthanasia, or mercy killing,” and for “managed care organizations with moral or religious objections to counseling or referral for certain services.”

While it's probable that Biden's new rule will be struck down in federal court, this issue should not be at the mercy of any court! Our natural, sacrosanct rights are to be vindicated, not violated/trampled on by politicians or activist judges.

We therefore call on the Senate to introduce and pass legislation to ensure the right to conscientious objection is vindicated.

Using the form on the right, tell your Senators today that they MUST introduce legislation a law protecting the conscience rights of all Americans.

Americans who cherish their freedoms must be prepared to fight for them.

Senior Counsel Matt Bowman of the Christian legal organization Alliance Defending Freedom has warned that the "Biden administration’s proposed rule would abandon health care professionals to being forced to perform medical procedures that directly violate their religious beliefs or risk losing their jobs."

"This is an illegal and gross overreach of executive power, and we urge the administration to withdraw this harmful proposal immediately," Bowman said.

While it seems unlikely the Biden administration will back down from its attack on conscience rights, we believe this bipartisan issue can unite a majority of Senators to do the right thing.

It's time to act!

CONTACT your U.S. Senators TODAY urging them to introduce and pass legislation that will protect the conscience rights of all Americans.

More Information:

Biden admin moving to strip conscience rights from medical professionals

Rescission of the Regulation

**Photo Credit: CNBC/YouTube screenshot**

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