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SHAME on Joe Manchin! -- Let him know West Virginians are disappointed!
Ketanji Brown Jackson is a radical activist judge whose record of hostility towards our Constitution should have immediately raised red flags for Senators before voting on her nomination to the Supreme Court. So why would any reasonable Senator give her their support? Ask Sen. Joe Manchin that very same question by JOINING this campaign.

Just weeks ago, the United States Senate confirmed Joe Biden's radical nominee, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson of the DC Circuit Court, to the U.S. Supreme Court in a frustratingly close 53-47 vote.

This would not have been possible if not for a concerning lapse in judgment from several moderate Senators who gave into an identity-driven, political pressure campaign to achieve this unfortunate final result.

This known activist judge, who infamously failed to define the word 'woman' during her confirmation hearings, has a long history of concerning rulings and questionable legal judgment that should have been enough to give pause to any Senator who takes their oath seriously.

But, in a moment of great consequence, Joe Manchin failed to live up to that standard.

Join this campaign to express your dismay at Sen. Manchin for supporting the nomination of activist judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court, and for voting to confirm her to the bench.

Then, SHARE it with friends and family members across West Virginia!

On Thursday, April 7th, West Virginia's senior U.S. Senator, Joe Manchin, often considered a swing-vote in the 50-50-split U.S. Senate, joined the entire Senate Democratic Caucus (and three Republicans) to confirm Joe Biden's radical nominee, Ketanji Brown Jackson, to fill the vacancy left on the Supreme Court by retiring Justice Stephen Breyer.

A conservative Democrat who even refers to himself as "pro-life," Manchin has sorely disappointed West Virginians who've come to expect him to be independent-minded enough to see through such a political farce as Brown Jackson's nomination. 

Manchin has abandoned them with this vote, cozying up to the DC political class instead of the West Virginians who he's supposed to represent.

While Jackson's confirmation is not expected to significantly change the ideological balance on the Supreme Court, her membership on the bench marks a dangerous moment in our history for the Constitution, for our people, and for the country.

As a federal judge and member of the U.S. Sentencing Commission, Brown Jackson consistently supported lighter sentences for child sex predators, advocating for eliminating the mandatory minimum sentence for child porn and opposing requiring convicts to register as sex offenders.

Likewise, she authored an amicus brief in the 1990s defending a Massachusetts law that banned protests outside of abortion clinics and, during her Supreme Court confirmation hearings, claimed she "actually [doesn't] know" when life begins.

Brown Jackson even failed to define what a 'woman' is, mind-numbingly claiming that she's "not a biologist."

Yet even so, Manchin somehow ignored all that, and decided that Brown Jackson's "record and career are exemplary," calling her "supremely qualified [with] the disposition necessary to serve as our nation’s next Supreme Court Justice."

So we must ask ourselves, and Sen. Manchin: Why?

It seems hard to believe that Sen. Manchin was simply fooled by Brown Jackson's record and feigned display of ignorance on simple biological and constitutional matters -- a blatant strategy to appease the woke, political elite.

But one thing's for certain: The West Virginians who've elected (and re-elected) Sen. Manchin were not fooled, and it's time to let him know.

So please, join this campaign expressing your disapproval of Sen. Manchin's irresponsible, short-sighted vote to confirm radical activist judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court of the United States.

Thank you!


'Senate confirms Biden nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson to US Supreme Court' (LifeSiteNews)

**Photo Credit:  YouTube (Screenshot)

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