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Biden's Ministry of Truth PAUSED After Backlash! -- Keep up the fight & contact your lawmakers now!
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has PAUSED Biden's "Ministry of Truth" and its leader, Nina Jankowicz, has resigned after backlash came pouring in from concerned citizens like YOU! But we must continue to stand up for our First Amendment rights, and you can do so by joining THIS CAMPAIGN...


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has officially decided to PAUSE the Disinformation Governance Board -- often referred to as Biden's "Ministry of Truth" -- just three weeks after it was created.

According to the Washington Post, which first broke the news last week, the controversial new agency appears to be in limbo after the intense levels of backlash it received from citizens in every corner of our country who recognized this ploy for exactly what it is: Another effort on the part of the authoritarian Biden administration to silence dissenters and suppress its political opposition.

But we can't stop fighting these infringements now: We must use our voices (while we still can) to convince Congress to take action that ensures this "pause" of Biden's "Ministry of Truth" is a permanent one.

Please join this campaign urging members of Congress to protect and defend all Americans' First Amendment rights by supporting legislation that will immediately defund Biden's now-paused "Disinformation Governance Board."

Then, SHARE it with friends and family members across our country!

Last Wednesday, news broke that DHS had suddenly put the brakes on its newly created Disinformation Governance Board, an Orwellian agency tasked with "[countering] misinformation" on the internet as a supposed means to combat domestic threats to our country.

However, with rampant efforts by politicians, bureaucracies, and big tech corporations to silence those who oppose or even question the prevailing ideologies and narratives of the elite taking the country by storm, it was clear to most that the formation of such an entity would inevitably lead America down a dark and dangerous path that would endanger our constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression.

As a result, concerned citizens in every corner of the United States, along with conservative, freedom-loving elected officials in Washington, DC and beyond, spoke up and spoke out against this blatant power-grab, showing Biden and his big government cronies that we -- the people -- would not sit idly by while the rights of all people were infringed.

And it worked: In addition to the  "pausing" of operations, the board's radical leader, Nina Jankowicz -- who repeatedly and ironically denied the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal -- has also resigned her position, leaving Biden's "Ministry of Truth" without a minister or a certain future.

Because, even though this is a positive development, it doesn't mean that the "Ministry of Truth" won't make a comeback...

Just because the work of the Disinformation Governance Board has been halted, there's still a chance that it could be revived in the future, which is why action must be taken NOW to ensure that doesn't happen.

Thankfully, certain federal lawmakers have heard our call, and Republican members of the U.S. House of Representatives have officially introduced legislation to dismantle the Disinformation Governance Board altogether.

The bill, which is only two pages in length, would completely defund not only this agency, but any other future agency created for the purpose of carrying out a similar function.

But with radical leftists still in charge of Congress, there's no guarantee that this legislation will pass before the end of the year, or even make it to the floor for a vote, which is why we're asking you to let your federal lawmakers know that you oppose Biden's "Ministry of Truth" and support all efforts to defund and terminate it.

So please, take a few minutes today to contact your U.S. Senator and House member, and urge him/her to support legislation, like the bill proposed by House Republicans, that will ensure Biden's "Ministry of Truth" is paused permanently, and that taxpayer dollars never go towards funding such transgressions against their basic constitutional rights.

Thank you!


'Biden admin ‘pauses’ disinformation board following widespread public backlash' (LifeSiteNews)

Read the full text of congressional Republicans' bill to defund Biden's "Ministry of Truth" HERE

**Photo Credit:  Rumble (screenshot)

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