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REJECT the Vaxx Tax! -- Contact your State Legislators today!
Just when you thought the medical discrimination brought on by Covid couldn't possibly get any worse, Democrats in the Rhode Island General Assembly are now pushing a bill that would both fine and double the taxes paid by unvaccinated citizens in our state. This proposal is a gross abuse of power, and you can help defeat it by joining THIS CAMPAIGN today...

A new proposal introduced and supported by liberal Democrats in the General Assembly would penalize unvaccinated Rhode Islanders with monthly fines and a higher income tax rate, simply for opting against getting the experimental Covid jab.

This is an outrage, and indicative of not only the radical left's utter disdain for Rhode Islanders' (and all Americans') medical autonomy, but also their insatiable hunger for greater power over the citizens they're supposed to represent the interests of as lawmakers.

And even though this bill has received a healthy amount of backlash, we mustn't assume it won't advance before the end of this year's legislative session. We must take a stand against this blatant transgression against Rhode Islanders' medical rights NOW.

Join this campaign demanding that members of the Rhode Island General Assembly -- both in the House of Representatives and Senate -- reject this boldfaced attempt to seize citizens' already weakened medical freedoms by opposing this bill, or any other, that seeks to punish and discriminate against the unvaccinated.

Then SHARE it with friends and family members across our state.

Should it advance through the legislative process and be signed into law, the bill in question, known as S.2552, would implement one of the most transgressive vaccination mandates anywhere in our country on the people of Rhode Island, forcing all individuals who live and work in the state, 16 years of age and older, to get the Covid-19 shot or face monthly fines of $50, as well as a doubling of their income taxes.

The bill's provisions would also effectively establish a vaccination mandate for minors under the age of 16, as well, requiring them (and all Rhode Islanders) to be vaccinated for Covid-19, along with “any additional” jabs that may become available in the future and deemed “in the interest of public health.”

Sponsored by leftist State Senator Samuel Bell, who claims we still face an ongoing "crisis with the pandemic," S.2552 would only allow for medical exemptions signed off by no less than three licensed physicians. The bill makes no exceptions for those who've opted against getting the Covid vaccine for moral, ethical, religious/faith-based, or simply personal reasons.

Since its original introduction back in March, the bill was referred to the Senate Health and Human Services Committee for further review and consideration, and has yet to be advanced from committee to the floor of the Senate for a full vote.

But that doesn't mean that one final, last-minute push cannot and will not happen before the end of this year's legislative session on June 22nd, which is why we must act NOW to stop this dangerous bill in its tracks.

Not only is S.2552 coercive, authoritarian, and unconstitutional, it is also incredibly cruel given the financial burden that's been placed on Rhode Islanders (and all Americans) with skyrocketing inflation and rapidly increasing costs, product shortages, and economic stagnation nationwide.

Furthermore, it clearly demonstrates the willingness of radical left politicians to target and openly discriminate against those who refuse to comply with their totalitarian demands, confirming that medical freedom of all people remains under attack in unprecedented fashion at both the federal and, in some cases, the state level.

This cannot stand, and Rhode Islanders mustn't stand idly by while their rights are obliterated by a radical, power-hungry elite that seeks to punish those who refuse to act in accordance with their tyrannical will.

Please sign onto this campaign calling on our state's lawmakers to oppose Senate Bill S.2552, which would tax and fine all Rhode Islanders above the age of 16 who've opted against getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Thank you!


Learn more about S.2552 and read its full text HERE

'Rhode Island bill would force vaccination under threat of doubled income tax, monthly penalties' (LifeSiteNews)

**Photo Credit:  Children's Health Defense

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