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Stand Up for American Women! -- Demand lawmakers support the Women's Bill of Rights!
With transgender activists hijacking society's collective understanding of basic biology to account for their own misunderstanding of gender, American women have found themselves on the losing end of this radical new social experiment time and time again. Our elected leaders in Washington have a duty to defend women and time-honored biological truth, and you can help the cause to restore women's rights in our country by joining THIS CAMPAIGN >>>

With leftwing politicians kowtowing to the nonsensical desires and harmful demands of transgender activists and their radical allies, American women find themselves the foremost targets (and victims) of widespread social devolution in our country.

Whether it's in the workplace, academia, or even sports, the rights and privileges of biological females seem all but forgotten by an elite political contingent that, ironically, prides itself on being a great defender of women while doing everything in its power to blur the lines between the two sexes for personal gain and increased attainment of power.

But thankfully, some federal lawmakers have had enough, and are working to advance legislation that would establish a Women's Bill of Rights in the United States to protect females from the left's dangerous social agenda.

Please join this important campaign urging members of Congress to support this bill, establishing a Women's Bill of Rights in the United States and protect biological females from being erased by the radical left. >>>

Then, SHARE it with like-minded friends and family members to spread the word across our country.

Introduced on May 19th by Republican Congresswoman Debbie Lesko of Arizona, House Resolution 1136 would enact a Women's Bill of Rights for the purpose of formally recognizing the basic biological differences between females and males, and, in turn, ensure that the rights and privileges that come along with being a woman are protected under federal law.

The new Women's Bill of Rights affirms legal protections granted to women on the basis of sex, placing emphasis on the inherent biological differences between females and males, including the ability to become pregnant and give birth, the tendency to be physically smaller, and even the likelihood to face certain forms of violence, including sexual assault.

It even asserts that, for purposes relating to federal law, terms like "woman," "girl," and "mother" should only be used in reference to biological females; same for "sex," which the resolution states should only be used to refer to an individual's biological sex at birth. In addition, "athletics, prisons, domestic violence shelters, restrooms, and other areas, particularly where biology, safety, and privacy are implicated" are listed as matters and venues wherein it's crucial to defend women's natural and biological differences to men.

“As the Left continues to erase women, we must fight for women and their place in our society,” Lesko declared upon unveiling H.Res.1136. “Whether it’s keeping the word “mother” in written law, or ensuring women’s domestic violence shelters do not have to accept biological men, we must stand up for women.”

Likewise, a companion measure, S.Res.644, has also been spearheaded in the U.S. Senate by Mississippi's Cindy Hyde-Smith, along with co-sponsors Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming and Ted Cruz of Texas.

It's time to take a bold, decisive stand against the utter madness has led to the necessity for such a reaffirmation of women and their most basic rights in American society, and you can do your part by letting your elected lawmakers know that you support the adoption of a Women's Bill of Rights as soon as possible!

Help stop the left's attempts to erase women by joining this campaign, which urges members of the U.S. House and Senate to support H.Res.1136 and S.Res.644 if and when either comes before them for a vote, now! >>>

Thank you!


Learn more about H.Res.1136 and read its full text HERE

'GOP Drafts ‘Women’s Bill of Rights’ To Fight Transgender Ideology' (Breitbart)

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