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House Strips Religious Liberty & Pushes Abortion with the “Right to Contraception" Act — Demand Your Senators VOTE NO!
The Right to Contraception Act is a poison-pill that kills religious liberty and breathes new life into abortion clinics. See past the lies and alert your Senators to VOTE NO!

The “Right to Contraception” Act just passed in the House of Representatives — refunding abortion clinics with taxpayer dollars and threatening the religious exemptions of healthcare providers! DEMAND THE SENATE TO VOTE “NO”! 

Abortion has found a new plan of attack against pro-life Americans — using taxpayer dollars to fund contraceptives and strip religious liberty from pro-life healthcare providers. 

The “Right to Contraception” Act destroys the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which provided religious protection for healthcare providers who objected to issuing harmful contraceptives and abortifacients to patients. 

It is clear that the Democrat-controlled Congress has officially waged war against religious liberty, and nine House Republicans have joined them. Tell Senate Republicans to protect religious liberty and vote NO! >>> 

Religious freedom would be entirely revoked, as page 8 of the “Right to Contraception” Act admits: 

“Providers’ refusals to offer contraceptives and information related to contraception based on their own personal beliefs impede patients from obtaining their preferred method, with laws in 12 States as of the date of introduction of this Act specifically.” 

This means that healthcare workers who object to harmful and immoral drugs can no longer appeal to their religious beliefs for protection. America would no longer honor religious beliefs — forcing ‘woke’ obedience across our healthcare system in all 50 states. 

Even worse, abortion providers like Planned Parenthood could regain taxpayer funding for abortion as long as they provide “contraceptives” as a service. 

This is especially true since abortifacients like Plan B are already being reclassified as “contraceptives.”  

The Scientific American makes this shockingly unscientific and political argument, deceiving its readers by claiming in their headline, “Abortion Medications Differ from Plan B and Other Emergency Contraceptives.”

The “Right to Contraception” Act is a disguise for abortion! Tell your Senators that you see through the scheme and demand they VOTE NO! >>>  

Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics will begin operation again in pro-life states — a direct affront to the will of the voters — with new federal protections offering contraception if we do not act now! 

CBS News observes that protecting abortion is at the heart of this new bill, as the House passed “Part 1” of this two-fold attempt to restore abortion access...  

Together with a pair of bills that aim to ensure abortion access, which passed the House last week... the proposal involving access to contraceptive services is Democrats' rejoinder to the Supreme Court's decision last month to overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide.” 

It is clear from this statement that abortion-access is being passed in phases, steadily stripping away State rights, religious rights, and increasing centralized power within the federal government.  

Congress has never passed such aggressive legislation against religious liberty! Our fundamental religious freedom is at risk! 

Push back and demand that the 50-50 Senate protect religious liberty and the right to life! Demand your Senators to VOTE NO on the Right to Contraception Act today! >>>  



House Bill “Right to Contraception” Act  

National Review: Religious Freedom Under Attack 

CBS News: The True Intent of the Right to Contraception Act 

Scientific American redefines abortifacients as contraceptives 


Photo: Pix4Free. Nick Youngson. CC BY-SA 3.0 

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