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PROTECT OUR KIDS: Demand PA Dept. of Education STOP Gender Indoctrination!
Pennsylvania's children have become the TOP TARGET of the extreme leftists who've hijacked our state government! Help STOP the PA Department of Education from indoctrinating young students with their radical "Gender Theory" ideology by joining THIS CAMPAIGN today...

Last Monday, 21 Republican members of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives formally issued a "Reform or Resign Ultimatum" to radical Acting Education Secretary Eric Hegarty in light of his agency's doubling down on the inclusion of "Gender Theory" indoctrination in the state's education curriculum.

This kind of extreme, illogical, and scientifically-erroneous material is, by no measure, appropriate for Pennsylvania students, who -- under such policies -- could find themselves targeted by these indoctrination efforts at as young as eight years old.

Pennsylvanians must have the courage to stand up and say what millions of us are thinking: This is NOT normal and this is NOT okay.

And you can voice your concerns by adding your name to this important campaign urging ALL Pennsylvania lawmakers to join the calls for Acting Education Secretary Eric Hagarty to reverse his agency's radical "Gender Theory" agenda or RESIGN IMMEDIATELY!

Then, SHARE this urgent call to action with friends and family members to get the word out across Pennsylvania.

Conservative lawmakers are taking a much-needed stand against the Wolf Administration's radical efforts to blur the lines between men and women in our children's classrooms, calling out their dangerous ideology for exactly what it is:  a direct attack on parents' ability to raise their children free from the left's woke claptrap.

In a statement released on August 8th, a group of 21 State Representatives formally issued a "Reform or Resign Ultimatum" against Acting Education Secretary Eric Hagarty, calling on him to either end "Gender Theory" indoctrination in Pennsylvania's K-12 schools or step down instead. This comes in response to the Department of Education's recent efforts to pander to the radical left and inject dangerous woke ideology into its curriculum for students as young as eight-years-old.

Their recent moves include launching a "Gender Identity" page on the official Pennsylvania Department of Education website, which in addition to numerous articles, publications, and reports, includes a list of "words you should know" with respect to the phoney concept of "Gender Diversity." Those terms, with corresponding definitions, include "transgender," "preferred personal pronouns," "genderqueer," and more -- none of which have any place in Pennsylvania schools.

It also defines "binary gender" as the "faulty concept that there are only two genders: male and female."

Furthermore, the webpage encourages the use of made-up pronouns like "ne, ve, ze/zie and xe," and even orders teachers to ask their students what pronouns they use instead of assuming their gender.

There's no other way to say it:  This is complete and utter lunacy, and extraordinarily harmful to push on children of any age.

But thankfully, some elected officials are doing something about it:  in addition to issuing the "Reform or Resign Ultimatum," conservative lawmakers have also called for Pennsylvania to follow in the footsteps of states like Florida by advancing legislation to adopt an enforceable Parental Bill of Rights so, per their joint statement, "families can freely direct the upbringing of their children without inappropriate sexual content or demoralizing, gender-neutral pronouns invading our taxpayer-funded classrooms."

This would be an excellent step in the right direction, but we need to let ALL members of the State Legislature know that we support these reforms and oppose Tom Wolf and Eric Hagarty's attempts to indoctrinate our children.

That's why we're asking YOU to join this crucial campaign to Pennsylvania state legislators, asking them to (1) ramp up the calls for Acting Sec. Hagarty to reverse course on his radical "Gender Theory" agenda or step down immediately, and (2) support the adoption of a Parental Bill of Rights.

Thank you!


'Pennsylvania encourages schools to use ‘gender neutral’ pronouns, gender theory lessons'  (LifeSiteNews)

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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