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Keep Criminals Off Our Streets! -- Legislators must stop "Zero Bail" bill!
Crime is running rampant in California and across America, and the last thing our state needs are irresponsible Zero Bail laws that put dangerous criminals back on our streets. Tell your State Legislators to resist these radical, last-minute calls before Wednesday by joining THIS CAMPAIGN today...

Crime is skyrocketing across our country.

It seems almost impossible to avoid daily, grisly headlines about the latest instance of violence in our streets, drug abuse in our neighborhoods, and the loss of innocent life thanks to soft-on-crime policies that seem more considerate of cold-blooded criminals than their victims.

And, tragically, nowhere does this seem to be the case more frequently than right here in California...

Yet even so, some politicians are working to make it even easier for dangerous criminals to be unleashed upon the public, putting families and communities in danger just to advance a woke, soft-on-crime agenda.

And we need your help to put a stop to it before it's too late.

Please join this urgent campaign to members of the California State Legislature, calling on them to resist any last minute effort to revive Zero Bail legislation before the end of the current session on Wednesday.

Then, SHARE this important message with friends and family members so that they, too, can voice their concerns about these reckless, pro-crime proposals.

With only two days to go until the end of this year's legislative session, radical leftwing lawmakers in the California Senate have resurrected Senate Bill 262, which seeks to upend the state's bail system by greenlighting the adoption of a "zero bail" standard, making all defendants -- even those charged with murder and rape -- eligible for "affordable bail," effectively ending pretrial detention in the Golden State.

This last-minute effort, led by Sen. Robert Hertzberg, comes after an earlier attempt to abolish cash bail in California, known as Proposition 25, was rejected by voters back in November of 2020. Hertzberg sought to introduce the same proposal as legislation last year, but promptly withdrew the bill after a violent parolee who was released on zero bail murdered a 61-year-old woman in Sacramento.

But now, thanks to a sudden change in attitude from Hertzberg, this dangerous legislation, which is slightly amended from its original version, is making an eleventh-hour comeback with only days to go until the end of this year's legislative session.

And it couldn't be clearer why it should never become law...

The Yolo County District Attorney reported that, between 2020 and 2021, 420 of the 595 individuals released without bail, 420 were rearrested.

Additionally, a report from the Office of the Attorney General concluded that, from 2020 to 2021 alone, California's homicide rate surged 7.2%. Likewise, the state's violent crime rate increased by 6.7%.

And yet, during that same period of time, arrests have dropped 7.3% and the total number of law enforcement officials and criminal justice personnel has decreased by more than 4,000, or 2.7%.

California is clearly at a crossroads, and now is certainly NOT the time to make its residents sitting ducks for dangerous criminals.

But, unfortunately, with radical politicians from across our state siding with criminals first, there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. And if we don't stop this latest, eleventh hour effort to ram Zero Bail legislation through the State Legislature by Wednesday, the safety of Californians will continue to be sacrificed in the name of woke politics.

That's why we need YOUR help.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT:  Please contact your state legislators, and urge them to oppose this latest effort to revive Zero Bail legislation before the end of the current legislative session on this Wednesday, August 31st.

Thank you!


'Sen. Hertzberg Warned He Would Bring the Zero-Bail Bill Back – And He Just Did' (California Globe)

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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