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UPDATE: Governor says he'd VETO ban on biological males in women's sports - CONTACT your State Legislators today!

In the time since our last contact, Republicans in the Louisiana State Legislature have introduced two identical bills to protect women’s sports from radical, left-wing attacks on athletic fairness and biology in general.

But liberal Governor John Bel Edwards has just come out in opposition to this legislation, and has vowed to veto bills that address such matters should they be approved by the State Legislature.

That's why we need YOU to contact your State Legislators and stress the importance of protecting female athletes here in Louisiana, both by supporting this legislation and voting to override any veto that Gov. Edwards may issue in the event they make it to his desk.

Please take urgent action and contact your State Legislators in one easy step using the simple contact form that LifeSite is making available here.

It’s called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to your representative’s email and Twitter accounts.

It only takes one click of a button, and you won't even have to look-up your Legislators' contact details.

The bills in question, Senate Bill (SB) 156 and House Bill (HB) 542 (also referred to as the "Fairness in Women's Sports Act"), would prohibit biological males from participating in sports designated for female athletes only at any institution that receives public funding in Louisiana.

In other words, this legislation would legally ensure that intercollegiate, interscholastic, and intramural women’s and girls’ sports are to remain reserved for women and girls ONLY, without leaving the door open to any unfair disadvantages that may come with competing with or against other athletes that are biologically male.

By introducing these bills, Louisiana joins a growing list of states considering and, in some cases, adopting similar legislation in response to Joe Biden's dangerous executive order allowing biological males to participate in women’s and girls' sports.

However, even if the bill(s) are eventually passed, they MUST have the backing of 2/3rds of both the State House and State Senate to override a governor's veto, and with Edwards' recent announcement that he opposes efforts to maintain fairness in sports, this isn't a hypothetical -- it's a necessity.

The language and reasoning behind this set of bills is rooted in scientific reality, and it goes without saying that the right of young women to compete on an even playing field must be protected against such outright attacks from our leaders in government.

Their voices – and ours – must be heard.

Please contact your State Legislators as soon as possible, and request that he or she support SB 156/HB 542 if and when they come before them for a vote.

Individual states are our last line of defense against the left’s attack on female athletes and biology in general. Let’s help Louisiana put both John Bel Edwards AND Joe Biden on notice that their radical agenda will not be tolerated!

Learn more about SB 156 and read the bill's full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/LA/bill/SB156/2021 

Learn more about HB 542 and read the bill's full text HERE:  https://legiscan.com/LA/bill/HB542/2021

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Please take a moment to review the content from our previous appeal to Louisianans:


That’s why we’re asking you to take swift action to contact your state legislators to tell them to fight the Biden Administration’s renewed attack on girls’ sports.

This is not a radical thing to say, and it’s also not a matter of attacking boys who are confused about their sex.

This is a matter of fairness, plain and simple.

But, Joe Biden has just reintroduced the horrendous Obama-era policy which permits biological boys to compete in girls’ sports.

…And, it allows biological boys back into girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms.

This must NEVER become the norm in America, and that’s why we’re calling on you to contact your state legislators to ensure that’s not what happens in Louisiana.

Please take urgent action and contact your State Senator or House Member in one easy step using the simple contact form that LifeSite is making available here.

It’s called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to your representative’s email and Twitter accounts.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details. Additionally you will have the option to call their office.

This policy is beyond outrageous…it’s dangerous, unscientific, and tyrannical.

It also undermines the very nature of our meritocracy, where you work hard (train hard) and are rewarded for your hard work. 

Very simply put, it will be the end of girls’ sports, cruelly and ironically ended by the Democratic Party.

The only way to fight back against Biden’s extreme executive order is for individual states to take action NOW, and Louisiana legislators can set a national standard for how best to defend the rights of students and young female athletes.

But we must do our part, too.

You can help by taking a few minutes to contact your state legislators and requesting that they stand up for the rights of students and female athletes by adopting new guidelines at the state level that challenge Biden’s extreme executive order.


The order states: “Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports…all persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation."

This new set of guidelines represents an all-out attack on female students and athletes, a blatant rejection of science, and an obvious effort to advance a radical agenda to un-even the playing field for girls at a formative stage in life.

When President Trump took office, his administration instituted new guidelines that revoked the Obama-era policy allowing gender-confused students to use the bathroom of their choice in schools, regardless of their biological sex, under the threat of losing federal funds.

The Trump Administration’s policy instead prioritized students’ right to privacy, and freed individual states from being forced into making these radical changes without losing federal funding for schools.

This policy, in particular, would make an excellent guidepost as to how Louisiana's legislators can approach this matter at the state level.

By contrast, the new Biden policy removes these protections, not only allowing biological boys to reenter the bathroom of their choosing in schools that receive federal funds, but also permitting them to compete in girls’ sports so long as they ‘identify’ as a girl.

Student athletes like Selina Soule, a high school track star who made national headlines last year when she filed suit against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) for implementing a similar policy that allows biological boys who ‘identify’ as girls to compete in girls’ sports in her state, will be most negatively impacted by Biden’s extreme guidelines.

Being forced to compete against biological males in school sports and athletic competitions will not only significantly disadvantage girls due to differences in physical structure (as determined biologically), but will also discourage them from participating in the first place.

It also eliminates any possibility for fairness when it comes to consideration for athletic scholarships and accolades.

And, it puts girls in harm’s way within the context of contact sports.

Years of hard work and training on these athletes’ part should NOT be met with such flagrant disregard by their government.

Please contact your Louisiana state legislators today!

Advocating for and eventually adopting such reforms will prove an important step forward in defending the rights of students and young athletes against governmental attacks, and could very well lead to other states following Louisiana's lead.

Please contact your State Senator and House Member as soon as possible, and request that he or she take action to defend students and young athletes by adopting state guidelines that safeguard their rights in the classroom, the restroom, and the locker room.

Louisiana students must not fall victim to extreme social engineering, and their ability to maintain personal privacy and compete on a level playing field in school sports and athletics must be reaffirmed legislatively as soon as possible.

Please help deliver this message to them.

It couldn’t be more simple. Just fill in your details and contact your State Senator and House Member with this urgent message. Thank you!

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