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Protect underage Tennesseans from dangerous "gender reassignment" procedure - Contact Governor Lee today!

HUGE news:  Just a couple days ago - the Tennessee State Legislature approved Senate Bill 126 to ban a medically dangerous "sex change" procedure on gender-confused children!

Specifically, the bill would ban the prescription of "cross-sex" hormones to children, and last month, it passed the Senate by a 24-6 vote before the House approved it by an overwhelming 43-vote margin earlier this week.

This is good news, and further evidence that the grassroots efforts of Tennesseans like you are having a meaningful, positive effect in our state and for children!

The measure, which was passed on Monday is now officially on Governor Bill Lee's desk, along with two other pro-family bills, for final consideration and, hopefully, approval.

But, LGBT activist groups are ramping up pressure on the Governor to veto the bill.

That's why we're asking YOU to urgently contact Gov. Lee and encourage him to sign this important bill into law as soon as possible!

If he does, Tennessee will join a growing list of states considering and, or, adopting similar legislation in response to the real threat to young people posed by such permanent, life-changing medical interventions.

But it's up to us to let Governor Lee know that the people of Tennessee support this important legislation, too.

Please take urgent action and contact Gov. Lee in one easy step using the simple contact form that LifeSite is making available here.

It’s called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to the Governor’s email and Twitter accounts.

It only takes one click of a button, and you won't even have to look-up his contact details.

SB 126 “prohibits a healthcare prescriber from prescribing a course of treatment that involves hormone treatment for gender dysphoric or gender incongruent prepubertal minors.”

Cross-sex hormones, which virtually always follow use of puberty blockers in gender-confused children, cause infertility, permanently halt natural puberty, and are linked to fatal side effects, including heart attack and stroke.

And, the FDA has never approved "cross-sex" hormones for gender dysphoria.

But, this bill does what the new federal government refuses to do by formally addressing the risks and life-changing consequences that come with undergoing such procedures.

That's why we must take swift, decisive action and let the Governor know how important it is that he sign this bill into law.

Please take a few minutes to contact Governor Lee to request that he sign into law this pro-child bill.

Next to Arkansas, which recently signed a similar bill into law, Tennessee can be a nationwide role model for other states looking to adopt similar policies in response to the new federal government's radical social agenda and the involvement of our children within it, so there's no time to waste.

Our Governor must be bold: The time to protect young Tennesseans from making permanent, life-changing medical decisions is NOW.

Thank you for helping deliver this message to him.




Senate Bill 126

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