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Tell your legislators to avoid repeating Albertan energy nightmare

A wind and solar power outage almost collapsed the power grid in Alberta as temperatures dropped to -40°C last weekend. Send a message to your federal and provincial representatives telling them to stop transitioning to unreliable energy sources.

Alberta’s wind and solar generation shut down last weekend, leaving the state dangerously short of energy during a severe cold snap. 

Only the energy from a few remaining coal and natural gas power plants, as well as help from Saskatchewan's grid, averted a disaster.

This mishap is clearly the result of Canada’s extreme “green energy” policies. 

Demand energy responsibility from our legislators – send an urgent message to your legislators today. 

On Saturday, Premier of Alberta Danielle Smith pleaded with citizens to “unplug” their electric vehicles and conserve energy in other ways to avoid brownouts after the province’s Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) declared a grid alert.  

All the province’s natural gas generators were working overtime, with no contribution from wind or solar. 

The neighboring province of Saskatchewan, which was enduring the same frigid temperatures, provided Alberta with electricity to stabilize the grid. 

“SaskPower is providing 153 MW of electricity to AB this evening to assist them through this shortage. That power will be coming from natural gas and coal-fired plants the ones the Trudeau government is telling us to shut down (which we won’t),” wrote Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe on X. 

Under Trudeau, many new radical environmental restrictions have been put into place, seriously endangering Canadians’ ability to heat their homes and meet other essential energy needs. 

We must demand that our legislators take responsibility for preventing future energy disasters in Canada – SEND A MESSAGE TO YOUR LEGISLATORS TODAY

The rest of Canada can avoid flirting with disaster if people demand energy security from their politicians,

SIGN & SHARE – Canada's legislators must work to avoid repeating Alberta's energy nightmare.

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