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Trudeau must not sign the WHO Pandemic Treaty - Contact your politicians today!
The Trudeau government has said it supports giving the WHO unprecedented power to dictate how Canada and the world handles pandemics. We must stop this attack on our sovereignty - urge your politicians to oppose the Pandemic Treaty today.


As the globalist WHO prepares to draft a Pandemic Treaty that would take away Canada's right to control its pandemic response policies, Canadian Minister of Health Jean-Yves Duclos said the government supports such a move.

There is still time to halt this power-grab however, as formal WHO discussions will only begin in August.

Please JOIN this campaign to urge all your politicians to oppose this attack on Canadian sovereignty.

“The health, economic and social costs of not being adequately prepared are catastrophic. That’s why Canada supports the idea of a new multilateral instrument to ensure better preparedness,” Duclos said last week during the WHO's 75th World Health Assembly. “This is also precisely why institutions like the WHO are so important. The WHO has played a key role in international health cooperation since its creation and, even more so, since the beginning of this pandemic.”

The "multilateral instrument" Duclos refers to is otherwise known as the Pandemic Treaty, something supported by countless western governments and expected to be signed in 2024. 

The WHO would not only be able to declare pandemics in any nation, even when disputed by the country in question, but they would then dictate how that outbreak is handled, whether that means more lockdowns, mandatory vaccine programs, digital IDs, geo-tracking or travel bans. 

Send a message to all your politicians today - they must oppose this WHO power-grab.

This betrayal of our hard-won freedom through a Pandemic Treaty is simply unacceptable to those who value liberty and self-determination.

The WHO has already shown itself to be in the pocket of billionaires such as Bill Gates, its largest private donor, and the Chinese Communist Party, who were protected from blame for the COVID outbreak by the WHO long after the Wuhan lab-leak.

We can win, and last week proved it.

There was good new last week at the the World Health Assembly (the governing body of the WHO) when the Biden administration's amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) were withdrawn.

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) MP and leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis had called on the Canadian government to “defend our healthcare sovereignty” and vote against the U.S. amendments, but they were thankfully withdrawn before being voted on thanks to pressure from countries like Brazil.

In a precursor to the Pandemic Treaty, these amendments would have handed Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus the right to declare "a public health emergency" in any country.

It's now time to build on that victory and make it clear to all our Canadian representatives that we will not accept WHO control of our nation's health emergency response policies.

So please, join this campaign telling Canadian politicians to speak out against the Pandemic Treaty.

Then, SHARE it with your friends and family.

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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