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END Trudeau's Vaccine Mandate for Travel! -- Contact your MP today!
As people across the world try to move on from the madness of Covid, Canada continues to fall behind, with intrusive vaccine mandates for travel still in place. Enough is enough -- demand federal lawmakers end these infringements against the medical rights of Canadians by joining THIS CAMPAIGN...

With Canadians doing everything they can to move past Covid and return to normalcy, our government seems unwilling to budge from its authoritarian demands anytime soon...

Just last Wednesday, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government announced that it would be extending its vaccine mandate for travel through at least the end of June, confirming that our political leaders will continue to ignore science and double down on its embrace of medical tyranny in order to hang onto power no matter the cost.

And if concerned Canadians like you aren't willing to stand up and fight for all citizens' rights, there's no telling how long this attack on our individual rights will continue...

That's why we need YOUR help today.

Join this campaign calling on Members of Parliament to take immediate action to reverse the Trudeau Government's restrictions on travel for unvaccinated Canadians as soon as possible, and to prioritize the basic rights of all people when it comes to public health policy moving forward.

Then SHARE it with friends and family members across the country.

Last Monday, Members of Parliament voted down a motion that would have ended Justin Trudeau's requirement that all Canadians be vaccinated in order to travel inside or outside of the country by plane or train, casting even more doubt over the already prolonged timeline for when the Canadian people can expect their country to return to pre-Covid normalcy.

The proposal, which would have "immediately revert[ed] to pre-pandemic rules and service levels for travel," was introduced by Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman, and won the support of 115 MPs -- all Conservatives. However, it was defeated by 202 "nay" votes, all of which were cast by Liberal, New Democratic Party, and Bloc Quebecois MPs who seem determined to keep Canada in Covid limbo for as long as possible.

To make matters worse, the Public Health Agency of Canada announced just days later that the Trudeau government's travel measures would be extended through at least the end of June, in a clear effort to capitalize on the power the Prime Minister has managed to retain given Parliament's irresponsible unwillingness to take action against these ongoing transgressions and acts of discrimination against unvaccinated Canadians.

Trudeau, himself, followed the announcement up with a statement of his own:  "The reality is, as much as people would like to pretend we’re not, we’re still in a pandemic."

It's this kind of thinking that's driven Trudeau's totalitarian approach to the Covid outbreak, and has led to Canada's status as the last major country on earth to require travelers to be vaccinated in order to move freely within the country and around the world -- even when the vaccines, themselves, have proven largely ineffective at stopping or slowing transmission of the virus, or even preventing infection in the first place!

The Canadian people cannot afford an indefinite continuation of these draconian policies, and our elected officials must be reminded that they represent our interests, not those of tyrannical, power-hungry politicians like Justin Trudeau.

It's time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, and let our elected lawmakers know that we are disappointed in their vote to keep these draconian policies in place and urge them to protect the medical autonomy of ALL Canadians.

So please, sign onto this campaign calling on Members of Parliament to reconsider their recent decision to uphold Trudeau's intrusive, outdated Covid travel restrictions, and to take a stand for the autonomy and mobility of all Canadian citizens regardless of vaccination status.

Thank you!


'Canadian Parliament votes to uphold ban on unvaccinated traveling by air, train, sea' (LifeSiteNews)

'Canada extends COVID vaccine travel mandate until ‘at least’ the end of June' (LifeSiteNews)

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