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STOP Trudeau's Censorship Bill! Contact Canada's Senators & MPs NOW!
Elite politicians are doing everything in their power to silence ordinary, freedom-loving Canadians into submission, and nowhere is this more clearly demonstrated than in the introduction of Bill C-11 -- legislation that would attack free speech in our country by way of intrusive new web regulations. Let Senators & MPs know you oppose this disastrous bill by sending them a MESSAGE today...

UPDATE (3/31/23): Bill C-11 inched even closer to becoming law last night, after MPs passed a motion in a 212 to 117 vote to adopt the bill without agreeing to the amendments previously made by the Senate.

As it stands, C-11 will now go back to the Upper Chamber, where Senators can either accept it as is, or again demand changes be made. 

Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leader Pierre Poilievre said the fight is not over regarding Bill C-11, as there is a chance many good senators will try and stall its full acceptance. 

Join this urgent campaign calling on Senators & MPs to oppose Bill C-11, which would launch an unprecedented attack against Canadians' free speech rights.


UPDATE: On March 7, 2023 the Trudeau government rejected the Senate’s amendments to Bill C-11, signaling their continued desire to crackdown on individual user content online.  

Canadians are urged to write to their Senators and MPs to encourage them to remain strong in their opposition to this dangerous bill, and to not capitulate to the Trudeau government’s unamended draft! 

The Senate will once again discuss Bill C-11 after government MPs rejected their amendments to the controversial bill. The legislation itself would amend Canada's Broadcasting Act to make streaming platforms, from Netflix to YouTube and beyond, subject to federal government regulation.

As it now heads back to the Senate, it's vital we raise our voices to put an end to this disastrous bill. If passed, it will have far-reaching consequences that may well control how Canadian entertainers, artists, and even regular internet users communicate online.

This is unacceptable, and such attacks on our basic human rights must not go unchallenged.

Please join this campaign calling on Senators & MPs to oppose Bill C-11, which would launch an unprecedented attack against Canadians' free speech rights.

Then, SHARE it with friends and family members to spread the word across our country!

Introduced by Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage Pablo Rodriguez and supported by Prime Minister Trudeau, Bill C-11's provisions would likely force websites under the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) – including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, which millions of Canadians use to express their beliefs – to remove content deemed “harmful” within 24 hours.

Trudeau’s Liberal government voted to shut down debate on Bill C-11 last June in order to rush it through the House of Commons with little time for thorough review by MPs. As a result, over 150 last-minute amendments were added, which lawmakers were unable to question -- paving the way for this irresponsible bill's approval by the lower chamber.

Ultimately, everyone from entertainers on Netflix to singers on Spotify and even general YouTube and/or social media users, like you, will be harmed by this dangerous legislation should it become law, but we still have time to put a stop to it before it's too late...

NOW is the right time to act. Can we count on you to take a stand against Liberal, big government censorship?

Please JOIN and SHARE this urgent campaign calling on Senators & MPs to oppose Bill C-11, Trudeau's dangerous internet censorship legislation.

Thank you!


Trudeau gov't rejects Senate amendments to internet censorship Bill C-11, status now uncertain (LifeSiteNews 03/13/23)

Trudeau’s internet censorship bill heads back to the House after Senate passes it with amendments  (LifeSiteNews 02/06/23)

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