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End the ArriveCAN vaccine passport system!
With the threat of Covid-19 falling , it's time for Canada to join countries around the world in easing their restrictions and ending intrusive mandates. The ArriveCAN vaccine passport system has placed an unconstitutional burden on travelers across our country, and you can tell Justin Trudeau "enough's enough" by joining THIS CAMPAIGN...

More than two years after the outbreak of Covid-19, governments across the world have finally begun rolling back measures that were supposedly meant to keep their citizens "safe," but more often deprived them of their most basic rights.

Canada's policies, however, seem to suggest that Covid is just as big a threat as it was two years ago.

It's time for our leaders to get with the program and end the madness!

Please join this campaign telling Justin Trudeau that you've had enough of his Liberal government's restrictions and requirements, and that you stand with the organizations challenging the constitutionality of the ArriveCAN vaccine passport system.

ArriveCAN is a vaccine passport app launched by the Canadian government in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. Its primary purpose is to regulate travel by air, land, rail, or marine vessel into the country, and, per the text of its page on the government's official website, must be used to "to provide mandatory travel and public health information before and after your entry into Canada."

Failure to submit this personal information to the government via ArriveCAN could result in a fine of $5,000.

If this sounds like a major violation of privacy, that's because it is. But now, Canadians are fighting back...

The Democracy Fund, a leading constitutional rights organization, has filed a lawsuit against the Canadian federal government, contending that the ArriveCAN app and its mandatory use by travelers is a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The suit claims that the Canadian government has abused its power by way of ArriveCAN, and argues that the Quarantine Act, under which the app was formed and currently operates, "does not confer jurisdiction on the government to compel persons entering Canada to disclose intimate details about their health and personal choices under threat of fines or imprisonment"; as a result, requiring Canadians to use ArriveCAN in order to re-enter the country is an infringement against their right "to be free from unreasonable search and seizure as protected by sections 7 and 8 of the Charter."

Perhaps most bothersome about ArriveCAN, though, is the fact that the app's own privacy statement blatantly admits that "any information obtained through the application can be retained indefinitely and can also be shared with international organizations and foreign governments whom Canada cannot regulate."

In other words, not only is Canada tracking its citizens and collecting their medical data through ArriveCAN, but that same personal information can -- and will -- be accessed by other power-hungry governments and globalist entities across the globe.

This utter embrace of authoritarian rule and medical tyranny shouldn't be ignored by Canadians -- it should be the last straw!

Sign onto this campaign letting Justin Trudeau know that you support organizations like the Democracy Fund that are standing up for the Charter rights of ALL Canadians by challenging the constitutionality of the ArriveCAN vaccine passport system, and that now's the time to end it!

Thank you!


'Second Canadian constitutional group sues Trudeau gov’t over mandatory ArriveCAN travel app' (LifeSiteNews)

**Photo Credit:  Shutterstock

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