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Tell legislators & the Canadian Courts that our children don't belong to them or anyone else
SEND your legislators an urgent message telling them to uphold a parent's right to custody as a norm in Canadian law.

In a recent shocking case in New Brunswick (NB), a woman with no biological connection, or familial link to a two-and-a-half year old child being called “Pip”, demanded 50 percent custody and decision rights to that child, on the grounds that the woman should be the father, because she had kidnapped the child, and refused to return him to his mother, unless the mother signed an alleged joint custody agreement. 

The NB family court has entertained this senseless case, based on criminal coercion, as legitimate. Claiming that it is a he said she said situation, and they can’t comprehend who might be telling the truth, without first going to trial, and putting the young child through years of physical and psychological trauma. 

The legal council of the biological mother in that case has said: "Increasingly, family law in Canada is shifting away from placing value on the biological connection between a parent and a child and, instead, prioritizing “pre-conception intent” and the status quo. While some of these developments reflect a laudable desire to consider variations in family formation (e.g., adoption), these developments may be going too far, such that the mere normalized presence of a person in a child’s life could arguably be used to formalize that person as that child’s parent. Such is the concern in this case, where a former partner—whose involvement in the biological mother’s life happened to overlap with the first two years of the child’s life and whose involvement was prolonged by abuse, manipulation, and coercive control—is now asserting parentage over a child with whom she has no biological connection and of whom she was never intended to be a parent." 

Indeed, in the last 7 years, since the introduction of Gender Identity as a human right under Federal Bill C-16_2017, we have seen parent’s rights over their children stripped away, in favor of the concept of ‘co-parent’. Teachers are now claiming that they have the right, for the well being of a child, to keep secret from you, your child’s gender confusion. Saying that as ‘co-parents’ of your kids for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, that you would not have the ‘expertise’ or compassion to love and help them. 

With the passage of Federal Bill C-4_2021, you can now be criminally charged for not affirming your own child in their confusion and self-harm.  

Bill C-4 was so destructive to parental custody rights, that a father in B.C., lost all custody to his daughter and was jailed for 5 months for refusing to call his daughter a boy, and refusing to keep silent about the abuse the state and the ‘health care’ system was inflicting on his child. 
Now in 2023, it has come to a case of a woman claiming to be a father, and demanding custody of a child that is not hers, and the NB family court entertains this claim, because they can not refuse to affirm the woman in her identity. 
Where will it stop? It has gone too far already.  

We must tell the courts, and our representatives that we will not stand for criminal activity against our children being entertained or condoned. That our children are not a commodity to be traded to whomever desires them. We must tell them that biology must be the first and primary consideration in child custody, and that only in the most explicitly outlined circumstances should any other arrangement be acceptable in law. We must tell them, that we are not willing to share our children. 

Tell you representatives that you draw the line here. That our children are not up for grabs. 

Support Priemer Blaine Higgs in his decision to inform parents on the status of their children. 

But also tell him that you stand with him in fighting back against the erosion of parental rights, and that his justice minister needs to investigate why the case of “Pip” is being allowed to move forward when it is not based on any legal documentation or precedence in law. That by all appearances to any common Canadian, “Pip’s” case should have been thrown out the minute the circumstances of the case were known to the court. 

Tell your representatives that we need to stop pandering to the fantasy wishes of unstable individuals, and bring logic, truth, and justice back into our courts. 
You can also help Pip’s battle to remain with his parents, by supporting his Mother’s legal fund here: LifeFunder

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