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Stop Trudeau's 'life-in-jail' ‘Online Harms Act’
The ‘Online Harms Act’ would leave Canadians open to prosecution and life sentences for expressing opinions that elites want to censor - tell your MP and Senators to oppose Bill C-63 TODAY.

UPDATE 2/28/24: As initially feared, the draconian “Online Harms Act” is indeed being reintroduced as Bill C-63. The proposed bill could lead to being jailed for life for “hate crimes”, fined $50,000, or jailed for posts that the government defines as “hate speech” based on gender, race, or other categories. 

The bill was introduced by Justice Minister Arif Virani in the House of Commons on Monday 26 February and passed its first reading that afternoon. 

According to the Trudeau government, Bill C-63, in creating the Online Harms Act and modifying existing laws by amending the Criminal Code and Canadian Human Rights Act, aims to protect children from online harms and crack down on non-consensual deep-fake pornography involving children. It will target several other types of online harms, such as terrorist content, incitement to violence, the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, child exploitation, cyberbullying, and inciting self-harm, but it's the inclusion of 'hate speech' in that list that means the bill is a Trojan Horse.

The new bill will allow anyone to file a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission against another person for “posting hate speech online” that is deemed “discriminatory” against a wide range of so-called “protected” categories, such as gender and race. 

While the Trudeau government claims the bill is being created to protect kids, Conservative Party of Canada leader Pierre Poilievre said the federal government is looking for clever ways to enact internet censorship laws. 

During a February 21 press conference, Poilievre said that Trudeau is looking to in effect criminalize speech which he does not like: “What does Justin Trudeau mean when he says the word ‘hate speech?’ He means speech he hates.” 

Will we let Trudeau and his fellow Liberals take this dangerous step towards eliminating our freedom? 

Demand that Bill C-63 be struck down by Canadian politicians – send your legislators an urgent message today. 


The Trudeau government is to introduce new “online harms” legislation, paving the way for an authoritarian crack-down on Canadians' freedom of speech, and leaving political dissenters in the unenviable position of facing prosecution on tenuous allegations of 'hate'. 

SIGN: Our MPs and Senators must STOP the imposition of more online laws attacking our freedom of speech

Justice Minister Arif Virani has promised to introduce so-called “online harms” legislation “as soon as possible”, instilling fears that this will mean the revival of a lapsed Bill C-36 from 2021 which aimed to target online free speech by banning certain legal internet content.

Discussions around Bill C-36 came to a standstill after multiple civil society groups expressed reservations about the proposed online harm legislation.

The autocratic Trudeau government is now justifying the proposed “online harms” bill, however, by claiming that Canada needs 'a safe and secure digital environment as much as we need safe streets in our communities.'

After passing Bill C-11 (Online News Act) and C-18 (Online Steaming Act), the Trudeau government is expected to introduce its ‘online-harms’ bill soon.

According to the proposals, the legislation led by the Liberals would target five categories of harmful content:

  • terrorist content;
  • content that incites violence;
  • hate speech;
  • non-consensual sharing of intimate images; and
  • child sexual exploitation content

While it is laudable to root out all sexually abusive images, the inclusion of 'hate speech' is a political ploy to shut down reasonable opinions that are gaining traction online.  

It will no doubt be considered hateful to remind people online that it is impossible to change genders, or that the purpose of sexual attraction is to ensure men and women make babies.

SIGN: We don't want a new version of Bill C-36 - tell legislators to defend our freedom of speech NOW

According to Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, the online harms bill will be the most controversial bill in the ‘Liberals’ three-part digital regulation plan.

“Given the fierce debate and opposition to [Bills C-11 and C-18], it may be hard to believe that online harms will be even more contentious, yet that is likely, both because the bill will have enormous implications for freedom of expression.”

Peggy Hicks, Director of Thematic Engagement for the UN Human Rights Office, believes nearly every country that has adopted online laws relating to harmful content has jeopardized human rights in doing so.

“This happens because governments respond to public pressure by rushing in with simple solutions for complex problems. Additionally, some governments see this legislation as a way to limit speech they dislike and even silence civil society or other critics,” said Hicks.

We encourage you to hold the Trudeau government to account for trying to strip our human rights and freedom of speech in Canada.

SIGN & SHARE: Tell your politicians to vote against the impending ‘online harms’ bill

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