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ALERT: Release Pastor Coates & Protect People of Faith - Contact Your MPs & MPPs Today!
UPDATE (3/5/2021)

Pastor James Coates, of Edmonton, Alberta, will remain behind bars for another two months after a court judge dismissed an appeal to his bail conditions, which block his release unless he agrees to not hold church services amid severe coronavirus lockdowns.

Please take action to urgently contact your Member of Provincial Parliament and Member of Parliament and request that they advocate for the release of Pastor Coates and act to ensure that Canadian people of faith like him are NEVER persecuted for exercising their right to worship freely.

On Friday morning, Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Peter Michalyshyn ruled that Coates remains bound to the “law” and must follow Alberta’s COVID rules, despite the fact they go against his religious convictions.

Coates and his Grace Life Church located in Spruce Grove, Alberta, are being represented by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF).

In a press release today, the JCCF expressed its disappointment with the outcome.

“The Justice Centre is very disappointed to announce that Justice Peter Michalyshyn of the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench in Edmonton has ruled that Pastor James Coates of Grace Life Church must remain in jail for the next eight weeks pending his trial, unless he agrees to abide by health orders that violates his Charter freedoms of conscience, religion, expression, association and peaceful assembly,” stated the JCCF.

“A trial set eight weeks down the road was too long for an innocent Pastor to be in jail. Pastor Coates is a peaceful Christian minister. He should never have been required to violate his conscience and effectively stop pastoring his church as a condition to be released. In every way this was a violation of Pastor Coates’ Charter rights and freedoms,” said JCCF President John Carpay.

As a result of today’s ruling, Coates will remain in jail until his May 3 to 5 trial date.

Pastor Coates detention is unjust and must be remedied as soon as possible. And, this kind of perversion of justice must also not happen again.

That's why it's now imperative for us to contact our MPPs and MPs to voice our concern at the ongoing detention of Pastor James Coates, as well as our concern about the chilling effect this ruling has on our Charter Rights.

Please click on the link and follow the directions to easily and directly contact your MPP and MP. Please ACT TODAY. Thank you!

For more information, please READ the latest LifeSiteNews article on Pastor Coates: https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/breaking-judge-dismisses-bail-appeal-keeps-canadian-pastor-behind-bars

ALERT:  Pastor James Coates of Grace Life Church in Edmonton, Alberta has been ARRESTED for refusing to comply with extreme and likely unconstitutional government Covid regulations that ban people from gathering to worship in their church of choice.

You read that right: Even churches aren’t exempt from Trudeau Liberals’ all-out attack on our Charter liberties in the wake of this pandemic.

And now, Trudeau’s provincial allies are hoping to make examples out of faith leaders like Pastor Coates, who refuse to comply with unreasonable government demands to close off places of worship to their own congregations and remains in custody to this day.

The situation is dire: Canadians’ shared religious liberty is under attack like never before, and the time to stand up for the rights of our people and religious institutions across the country is NOW.

That’s why we’re calling on you to contact your Member of Parliament AND your Member of Provincial Parliament and request that they advocate for the release of Pastor Coates and take action to ensure that Canadian people of faith like him are NEVER persecuted for exercising their right to worship freely.

You can contact your Member of Parliament and Member of Provincial Parliament in one easy step using one simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here, on the Voter Voice platform.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details.

Trudeau’s lockdowns have had a devastating effect not only on Canadians’ ability to peacefully assemble and worship in person, but also on faith leaders who have made this most basic vehicle for peace and comfort a priority during this already difficult time.

Pastor Coates, who leads Grace Life Church in Edmonton, Alberta, originally suspended in-person services and church gatherings in good faith and out of concern for his congregants after Trudeau’s government first introduced Covid restrictions last spring.

However, the church reopened over the summer when it became clear that Trudeau’s shutdowns were here to stay, and that congregants would be indefinitely limited in their worship size or again banned from in-person worship altogether under their guidelines.

After Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Deena Hinshaw, enacted new restrictions in November that cap all faith-based gatherings at 15% of building capacity (a major blow to churches that wish to resume worship for their members), Pastor Coates kept Grace Life’s doors open to anyone and everyone who wished to proceed with normal practice of their faith.

However, this simple exercising of congregants’ Charter rights was met not only with governmental resistance, but an unreasonably disproportionate legal response.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) officials, along with law enforcement, immediately began conducting weekly inspections of the facility, and demanded admission into Sunday services to observe congregants as they worshipped, even going so far as to track how many people were in attendance and who was wearing a mask.

These inspections resulted in the AHS inspector in charge of the investigation, which appears to be a violation of Section 176(2) of the Criminal Code of Canada, issuing an official order against Grace Life Church and Pastor Coates specifically, stating that he must comply with their unconstitutional demands or face jail time.

But Pastor Coates stood his ground, and continued to hold normal services for his congregants. He was arrested and then quickly released on February 7th for practicing his faith alongside congregants, and arrested AGAIN on February 16th for the same reason.

Pastor Coates remains in custody today for refusing to allow excessive government regulations to infringe upon his congregants’ civil liberties any further.

This CANNOT stand. No Canadian should ever face jail time for exercising their God-given, Charter-guaranteed rights, and action MUST be taken.

Please take a few minutes to contact your Member of Parliament and Member of Provincial Parliament, and request that they advocate for the release of Pastor Coates and federal guidelines that reaffirm Canadians’ religious freedom in the face of unprecedented attacks by Trudeau’s Liberal government and their provincial allies.

Doing so will set an important precedent moving forward and send a clear message that the rights of the Canadian people do not expire during a pandemic, or whenever any government says so.

The rights of Canadian people of faith like Pastor Coates and his congregants to worship freely at the location of their choice come with no asterisk, and such blatant violations at both the federal and provincial level must be met with Parliamentary action.

Thank you for helping to deliver this message to them.


'Alberta govt jails pastor for holding COVID-non-compliant worship services':

**Photo Credit:  Grace Life Church
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