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New Lockdown/Stay-at-Home in Ontario must be opposed - Contact your MPP today!

On April 3rd, Premier Doug Ford and the Ontario government declared a third state of emergency and issued lockdown orders for the province, to last at least 28 days.

Now, (April 7, 2021) the lockdown orders have been changed to even more draconian "stay-at-home" orders - where the province will literally be shut down for the next month!

The lockdown orders were causing massive disruption to the vast majority of Ontarians' livelihoods, right to worship, social interactions, and physical and mental health.

But, the new stay-at-home orders will only serve to intensify this already-devastating disruption.

And, as this is the third province-wide shutdown, and as Toronto has been locked down since November, serious questions must be asked if this lockdown/stay-at-home strategy is working.

If you are unhappy and concerned about the current strategy, it is important to contact your Ontario MPP to voice your displeasure at a new lockdown, and to suggest that they rethink this critical issue.

This is not a radical or extreme position to take.

Indeed, over 40,000 doctors from around the world, many of whom are eminent physicians, have voiced their concern about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID policies, and recommend an approach called Focused Protection. Click here to learn more about their Great Barrington Declaration.

Also, in the U.S. state of Florida, Governor De Santis went through a very careful deliberative process with medical experts who helped him design a less intrusive countermeasure to the COVID crisis.

And, so far, it's working....without the lockdowns!

Surely Doug Ford and his advisers can do the same, and, or contact Governor De Santis to learn more about fighting COVID with less restrictive measures than lockdowns.

You can contact your MPP in one easy step using one simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here. It is called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to your representative's email and Twitter accounts.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details. Additionally you will have the option to call their office.

During the last lockdown, penalties for violating the new state of emergency included up to a year in jail according to Solicitor General Jones.

But, is another oppressive lockdown/stay-at-home measure the right answer for battling COVID?

Our politicians cannot continue to decimate our economy, our collective physical and mental health, our social interaction with others, and our right to worship - based on dubious science - without hearing from us.

Please help send a message of common sense to your MPP, encouraging them to rethink this latest state of emergency lockdown/stay-at-home measure, adopting a different strategy in order to help the vast majority of Ontarians to maintain their physical and mental health, their livelihoods, their right to worship, and their social interactions with others.

We now have an opportunity to contact our elected representatives and ask that they make an effort to rethink these draconian lockdown/stay-at-home measures.

It couldn't be more simple. Just fill in your details and contact your MPP with this urgent message. Thank you!



'Ontario ignores effective Covid interventions, imposes still another province-wide 'shutdown'':


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