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Oppose new, oppressive lockdowns - Contact your MPP and MP today!

Have you heard?

Leaders in the province of Ontario have just announced yet another round of COVID restrictions, including the most severe measures yet.

With religious gatherings restricted to 10 people only, but with shops allowed to operate at 25% capacity, this is outright discrimination against our right to worship.

And, with travel severely restricted, giving police "the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address" (CBC), it appears as though a police state mentality has taken hold in some of our provincial leaders.

Canadians - in Ontario and across the country - must NOT allow these affronts to our freedoms go unchallenged.

You can contact your MPP and MP in one easy step using one simple contact form that LifeSiteNews.com is making available here. It is called Voter Voice and it will automatically match you to your representative's email and Twitter accounts.

With one click, your message is sent directly to your representative(s), without having to look up any of their contact details. Additionally you will have the option to call their office.

With Ontario now officially moving forward with the previously mentioned oppressive new measures, other provinces may soon follow, unleashing an unprecedented attack on the rights and personal liberties of the Canadian people.

But the cold, hard reality still remains: It never had to be this bad.

In fact, American Governors (the equivalent of Canadian Premiers) have proven that people can stay safe while continuing their everyday lives, and all it takes is common sense leadership to ensure both.

Numerous states, both large (like Texas) and small (like Iowa), in vastly differing climates (like Florida and South Dakota), have managed to keep infection rates relatively low while allowing their citizens to continue working, worshipping, and living their lives, without excessive restrictions that violate their rights and trample on liberty.

Our federal and provincial leaders (including Premier Doug Ford) here in Canada would be wise to take note, and learn from the successes of our neighbors to the south about how to best approach the coming months of the pandemic without infringing upon our individual liberties.

The Ontario model is not one we can rely on. We can keep Canadians safe without trampling on their rights.

As well, many individual physicians in the US, but especially in poor, developing nations, have been using safe, amazingly effective and inexpensive outpatient treatments that have kept COVID-infected persons from needing to enter hospital.

Yet, astonishingly, none of these treatments are offered or permitted in Ontario and the only offered treatment has been the experimental injections that have relatively limited effect on virus infection or transmission.

Thus, there also needs to be a dramatic change in the failed Ontario health policies to encourage wide use of the successful treatments and far less emphasis on the experimental injections.

Please help us send these messages to our leaders.

Take a few minutes NOW to contact your MPPs and MPs, and request that they reconsider any potential new lockdown measures that mirror Ontario's, further violating the rights of Canadians, and instead move towards a common sense approach, similar to the one used by American Governors, that keeps people safe AND free.

Ontario has proven a trendsetter in the past, and with Doug Ford and his cabinet now moving to further restrict their citizens from working, worshipping, and living freely, all of Canada may soon follow suit.

We must contact our MPPs and MPs, and tell them that police-state tactics are not acceptable in Ontario, or anywhere in Canada!

Thank you for helping deliver this message to them.


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