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Rescind Ontario's Vaccine Passport - Contact Premier Ford Today!
Ontario’s province-wide COVID-19 passport has just been announced by Premier Ford who backtracked on his backtrack of his flip-flop.

Premier Ford must now be absolutely convinced and encouraged to RESCIND the Ontario COVID passport.

Therefore, we must urgently contact Ford's office, TODAY, and remind him that he must guarantee our right to move and travel freely, and to access ALL commercial, government, and educational services - vaccinated or unvaccinated.

You can contact Premier Ford in one easy step using one simple contact form we're making available here.

With one click, your message is sent directly to Premier Ford, without having to look up any contact details.

Additionally you will have the option to call his constituency office as we are leaving the number at the bottom of this page.

In fact, it is now essential that you make the effort to call Ford's office. So, yes, please send the email, but then, please also take a few minutes to make that call.

In July, Ford said he was against vaccine passports.

“The answer is no. We aren’t going to do it; we aren’t going to have a split society,” Ford said then.

But, now, he has gone ahead and split society, between those who are vaccinated and those who, for various personal reason, decline the vaccine.

Please CONTACT Premier Ford TODAY - by email and by phone - and encourage him to do the right thing and RESCIND the Ontario COVID passport

Please send that urgent email (it's easy, just go to the sign box to the right), and make that urgent call. Thank you!

To email: Go to the box on the right-hand side of this page and send that email. NB: It can be edited.

To call: 416-745-2859


When you call Premier Ford's office, normally you will only be able to leave a message for him with office staff, or as a recorded message.

Don't be deterred.

Politely voice your dismay about the new discriminatory restrictions that target unvaccinated Ontarians with the Ontario COVID Passport.

Then, ask Premier Ford to RESCIND the Ontario COVID Passport which restricts the free movement of, and access of services to, some Ontarians.

Tell them that you will be monitoring the situation and that you will also be in contact with your family, friends and colleagues over the matter.

Thank them for their time and say 'Goodbye.'
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