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Arts Education in the Massachusetts 'Every Student Succeeds Act' State Plan

In February, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) released their Massachusetts 'Every Student Succeeds Act' (ESSA) State Plan on what determines a successful school in the Commonwealth.
Access and participation in arts education for grades K-12 is squarely in the Massachusetts ESSA State Plan and is specifically placed as a strategy to broaden the curriculum for every Massachusetts child.
This is a direct result of thoughtful work and outreach by the DESE staff and the public encouraging DESE to include access and participation in arts education as an indicator of success in K-12 Massachusetts schools. Great work by all.

Show your support for the new standards by sending a quick note to state education officials below.

The new federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) directed states to restructure their accountability and assistance systems for schools and districts. Massachusetts has taken this opportunity to move beyond its current accountability system based on just test scores, graduation rates, and language proficiency by including access to arts education. 

DESE is welcoming public comments until March 9th , before the DESE board votes to approve the Massachusetts ESSA State Plan. DESE then expects to submit their approved plan to the U.S. Department of Education on April 3rd.

Because DESE has not only listened to public comments, but adapted arts education recommendations into Massachusetts ESSA State Plan, we need to follow up on our requests by telling state education officials that we're pleased that arts education is in the mix.
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