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Senate Increases $$$ to the Creative Community

Late at night on Thursday, May 23, the Massachusetts Senate passed its budget plan and took a stand for the arts, humanities, and sciences. Within its budget, the Senate voted to fund Mass Cultural Council grants and services at $18 million in FY20.

The MASSCreative team is deeply encouraged that the FY2020 budgets proposed by both the House and Senate recommend increases for the Mass Cultural Council budget, with $500,000 proposed by the House and $2 million by the Senate. This is the first time in recent memory that both branches of the legislature have recommended increases in public investment in art, culture, and creativity

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      ?You cannot do arts and culture in order to have economic development. Do arts and culture for its own sake, but wait for the lovely side effects? Megan Whilden, Director of Cultural Development in Pittsfield, MA The city of Pittsfield embraced creativity, arts and culture at a time when the...