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Tell these legislators to remove their support for a carbon tax in Massachusetts!
What we have seen play out on the national stage with the infamous Green New Deal, is now making its way to Massachusetts with bill H.2810, An Act to Promote Green Infrastructure and Reduce Carbon Emissions, introduced by state representative Jennifer Benson (D-Lunenburg). Rep. Benson’s bill has 108 co-sponsors, which constitutes a majority of the Massachusetts legislature.

According to a recent study on the bill conducted by the Beacon Hill Institute, the average Massachusetts household will see its tax bill increase by $755 in the first year of implementation alone. By the fifth year, that annual tax load will increase to $1,263! In addition, Massachusetts would see a loss of 11,090 private sector jobs in its first year, increasing to 18,240 by its fifth.

As far as the so-called benefits go, the tax would reduce global emissions by 0.0027% in the first year of implementation, increasing to 0.0035% by the fifth year. Practically speaking, this diminutive benefit would not mitigate sea water levels, cure asthma, or impact the daily lives of any person or living creature on earth. Rep. Benson’s carbon tax does not factor the most obvious barrier, which is that Massachusetts cannot control what air enters the state and what air leaves the state.

Please contact the co-sponsors of this bill and tell them that MA doesn't want to pay for the vanity of the sponsors of this bill without any measurable benefit.

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