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Tell Baker's Administration to Reject TCI!
Massachusetts was one of 12 states originally considering entering into a new cap-and-trade system for vehicle emissions known as the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). The plan is to tax fuel distributors for the carbon emissions associated with the gas and diesel they sell. This will then be passed along to the consumer as an increase in gas prices. The money collected will go to a third party entity (TCI) to be redistributed back to states. Although 12 states were originally interested in hearing what this initiative was about, many have shown their skepticism as details emerge. New Hampshire has formally announced they won't be participating, calling it a "financial boondoggle," while Virginia has said they will also hold off for now. Leaders in Vermont, Connecticut, Maine and Rhode Island have also alluded to bowing out. 

Yet Governor Charlie Baker, Lt. Governor Karen Polito, and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs, Katherine Theoharides continue to pursue TCI, saying they can, and will enter Massachusetts into this gas tax scheme without a legislative vote.

They need to hear from you. Taxpayers care about this issue and they aren't happy about it! Please take a minute to let them know your concerns with another money grab. 
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