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The Legislature Is On A Roll: New Gas Tax Increase and Other Cost Hikes
The House just passed their long-anticipated transportation revenue bill, and it wasn't pretty. It raises the state gas tax by 20% or 5 cents (in addition to the still looming TCI tax of up to 17 cents), raises taxes on diesel fuel by 38% or 9 cents, increases fees on ridesharing services like Uber by 500%, and also raise the state’s minimum corporate taxes. We fear the Senate is next.
Lately, Beacon Hill has been clamoring to get new and higher taxes to fund their sloppy spending habits. In the past few months we have seen proposals for a new carbon tax, the regressive TCI gas tax, and now this stale idea. They claim that new taxes are needed to fix our roads and bridges, but the reality is that almost half of the money collected by our state gas tax is diverted to fund the MBTA and its out of control pension system. To make matters worse, according to the Reason Foundation’s latest Annual Highway Report, Massachusetts placed #48 out of 50 in total spending per mile of state controlled roadways (50 being the most spending and 1 being the least), and scores the same rank in administrative costs per mile. In MA we spend $23,950 in administrative costs per mile compared to neighboring NH which spends $5,260 and Maine which spends $1,142. This means we are spending far more on desk jobs than maintaining our roadways compared with other states.
Since these tax hikes just made it over their first hurdle in the House, the focus is now on the Senate to stop such regressive new taxes. We ask that you take a minute to contact your senator and tell them your story about how these extra costs will impact your life. These out-of-touch lawmakers need to hear your personal story and the real life impacts their policies have on their constituents.
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