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Legislator's Call for New and Higher Taxes: Kick Us When We're Down!
In the middle of a pandemic and with the highest unemployment rate in a generation, radical left-wing legislators are calling for new and higher taxes.
Although the Massachusetts legislature has been slow to advance much legislation in recent months (including the annual state budget!), the talks over new tax increases haven’t missed a beat. In late June, the House progressive caucus sent a letter to Senate President Spilka urging her and her colleagues to take up a transportation finance bill that the House had previously passed prior to the onset of the pandemic. This bill called for $600 million in new taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel, as well as increases in taxes on Uber and Lyft rides. Instead of finding clever ways to cut spending, or simply scale back the considerable amount of new spending this year, they are simply demanding more money from taxpaying families.
Members of the Senate continue to push for their California style climate change legislation that includes extreme new regulations on everything from plumbing fixtures to new construction and increased costs on things like home heating, electricity and automobile emissions.  Some have admitted they would settle for legislation that puts strict emissions-cutting benchmarks in place, knowing that the only way to reach these benchmarks will be for carbon taxes down the road. That’s their favorite kind of tax—one that won’t hit until later on.
We then have the governor’s TCI gas tax push. TCI is still very much alive and ready to come back in full force this fall when the final plan is released for states to sign onto.
One thing we are hearing is that the legislators will most likely not take these tough votes and make these hard decisions until AFTER they are reelected in November.
Let’s get something straight, not a single member has forgone a paycheck or any of their other perks during the pandemic. Even with the State House closed, they’re still collecting their stipends to drive to work while working families are struggling to pay their mortgages. And they think this is the time to raise taxes.
Please contact your legislators and tell them that they need to do some real legislating by finding ways to cut spending rather than wringing the taxpayers dry.
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