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Help us stand up for Prop 2 1/2! Contact your legislator today.
Since 1980, Prop 2 ½ has been one of the taxpayer’s best defenses against government excess and an ever-increasing tax burden. Prop 2 ½ was authored by Citizens for Limited Taxation (CLT) and the late Barbara Anderson was its champion. For 40 years, Prop 2 ½ has been limiting property tax increases to 2.5% per year, forcing local governments to operate more efficiently and making municipalities more accountable to the citizens they exist to represent and serve.
The State Senate passed a transportation spending bill that had a provision that allows local communities to form municipal and regional “ballot initiatives” that will completely bypass Proposition 2 ½ protections. These newly formed districts would allow cities and towns to come together to increase the sales, property, room occupancy, or vehicle excise tax with absolutely no regard for Prop 2 ½. Imagine clusters of towns and cities, often run by big government politicians, imposing regional tax increases, leaving the taxpayers for decades to pay into these new tax schemes.
If this bill passes, Prop 2 ½ as we know it will be neutralized. Currently the bill is in conference committee. If it were to become law, it needs to be recommended out of conference committee.
MassFiscal supporters, CLT members, and concerned taxpayers, please take a minute and complete our Call to Action to reach out to your legislators have them tell their colleagues on the conference committee not to advance this tax scheme. Prop 2 ½ must be protected. Once you are done, please share this page with your friends and on social media. Thank you.
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