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Gov. Baker, re-open Now!
Imagine being a seasonal business and hearing Governor Baker say the Massachusetts vaccine roll out is the best in the country and that our state has fewer vaccine hesitant residents than anywhere else. Then imagine hearing Governor Baker tell you that you cannot fully re-open your seasonal business until August 1. For countless small business owners, their workers, and customers, that is exactly what they heard with the Governor’s “re-opening” plan. 

Other New England states like New Hampshire, Connecticut, and even hard-hit Rhode Island are fully re-opening in May. They know how important Memorial Day is for businesses, as it’s the unofficial start of summer. Even New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio gets it—he’s fully re-opening NYC on July 1. 

Is Massachusetts going to lag behind New York City by an entire month? Don’t let it happen. 

We need you to speak up and be heard. Please complete our Call to Action and send an email to Governor Charlie Baker and Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and your local state legislators. There are several key lawmakers who lead the influential COVID-19 Joint Committee. They are Democratic Senator Joanne Comerford, Representative William Driscoll and Republican Senator Patrick O’Connor and Representative Paul Frost. If any one of them is your lawmaker, these elected officials especially need to hear from you today! 

Once you are done, please post the Call to Action to your social media pages and forward this to your friends, and family. Thank you. 

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