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Tell your legislators not to increase electricity prices and add more fees to your electric and gas bills!
What are they thinking? 

That’s the question we’re asking today after the legislature announced plans to address a bill that would increase electricity and gas bills and remove a protective provision that ensures Massachusetts ratepayers won’t get ripped off by foreign offshore wind companies.

For some background, in 2016 a price cap was put into place to protect MA ratepayers from potentially exorbitant costs of artificially creating an offshore wind industry in the Commonwealth. That was universally considered a good idea. Fast forward to today’s piece of legislation, where lawmakers are proposing to:

1. Remove this price cap on new offshore wind procurements

2. Triple the fee electricity ratepayers already pay for renewable energy

3. Add a new fee on natural gas ratepayer’s bills in order to fund multi-billion-dollar subsidies for foreign wind corporations

Without the price cap, MA rate payers will be at the mercy of foreign wind companies. The legislature has mandated a certain percentage of our power MUST be renewable and right now the only real game in town is offshore wind. Please contact your legislators today to tell them how you would feel about removing a protective price cap on new offshore wind energy rates as well as increasing and adding fees to your utility bills.

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