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Say "No!" to CA Style Regulations and Carbon Taxes!
The Massachusetts House and Senate just passed to different versions of a radical and far reaching “climate change” bill. The Senate version is by far the more extreme of the two and includes California style climate change regulations on everything from plumbing fixtures to new construction and increased costs by taxing things like home heating, electricity and transportation emissions. Think low-flow showers and washing machines that don’t clean anything. The Senate bill also sets up a new bureaucratic commission (workers paid for by taxpayers) to rule independently over the executive branch and legislature to assure emissions were being cut. 
The House version of the bill puts strict emissions reduction benchmarks in place, with the intention of driving up the costs of fuel to reduce usage. That’s their favorite kind of tax—one that won’t hit until later on.
The two versions are being hashed out behind closed doors in a conference committee. Once the Frankenstein bill emerges, both the House and Senate will have to vote on it. Both bills will impose burdensome regulations and promise major future tax increases.
This legislation won’t be noticed today or even next year. But in the years to come you’ll wonder how we ended up paying so much more for basic commodities with fewer options and declining quality.

We ask that you make your voice heard and sign this petition that will be sent to this conference committee members.
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I am signing this petition to the conference committee on climate change legislation to urge them to realistically think about the costs and burdens to taxpayers when creating this legislation.
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