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Please Sign HB 310/SB 323  Maryland Arts Capital Funding Bill
House Bill 310/Senate Bill 323 aim to create the Maryland Arts Capital Grant (MACC) program and allocate $3 million to the program every year from 2024 through 2029
 The MACC program will be: 

  • Administered by the Maryland State Arts Council and be open to any organization that participates in either the MSAC Grant for Organization Program or The Community Arts Development Program
  • An equitable source of capital funding for arts programs from around the state of Maryland. Organizations will be able to apply annually for funding annually for up to $1 million per year.

This bill provides a critical need for the Maryland arts sector.

Many arts organizations lack the resources to allocate money towards expensive but necessary capital improvements. Instead, these organizations make the choice to spend on programming and community engagement to ensure that dollars are invested on behalf of the arts and their communities without sacrificing important community engagement initiatives. These organizations desperately need access to capital funds through a fair and transparent process, independent of lobbying capacity.

HB 310/SB323 provides an equitable path for over three hundred arts and culture organizations to gain critical access to capital funds. We see vibrant arts communities in every region of Maryland. With dedicated capital arts investment, we can continue to be a leader in the nation for arts and culture and ensure that the next generation of Marylanders is afforded the same incredible access that we enjoy today.


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