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Minnesota Senate - Get a SPINE!
There's a war being waged against our Second Amendment Rights in Minnesota, and it is reaching a fever pitch.

Bloomberg's militants in our legislature, combined with his paid front-groups like "Moms Demand Action," are angling into position to pass 'Red Flag' gun seizures and Statewide Gun Registration.

Speaker of the House Melissa Hortman will soon cram these bills through the Minnesota House, and the battle will move quickly to the Minnesota Senate.

That's why Minnesota Gun Rights has had extensive meetings with Senator Paul Gazelka, but I'm afraid we have bad news for gun owners.

Republican Senate Majority "Leader" Paul Gazelka, after we explained how perilous his position is, doesn't want to stand up and fight.

MGR staff even provided a road-map to victory, outlining a step-by-step plan to fight back and stand tall for gun owners!

But alarmingly, Republican Senator Majority "Leader" Paul Gazelka is promising to hold hearings and perhaps a vote on gun control in the Senate if the bills pass the House.

➜➜ He has zero intention of yanking lyin' Senators Scott Jensen or Paul Anderson back in line - when both of those Republican senators supported these gun-control bills last session.

➜➜ He has zero intention of forcing Big Gun Control on defense by passing a Stand-Your-Ground bill. 

Sadly, it's up to you, me, and thousands of our gun-owner friends across Minnesota to Stand and Fight

If gun-control is to be stopped in Minnesota, it will only be because gun owners banded together and FORCED our Senate into blocking Bloomberg's maneuvers. 

So join with us and demand that your state senator stiffen their spine and VOTE NO against Bloomberg's 'Red Flag' gun seizures and Statewide Gun Registration using our pre-written message

Please don't wait - Act NOW! 

-- Ben Dorr, Director
Minnesota Gun Rights
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