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House Ways and Means Fully Funds the Mentoring Matching Grants

We are thrilled to announce the Massachusetts House Committee on Ways and Means released their budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2019, fully-funding the Mentoring Matching Grant (MMG) line item at $750,000!

This is exciting news, and we are thankful to HWM Chair Jeffrey Sanchez and the members of the House Ways and Means Committee for their commitment to funding mentoring programs and developmental relationships for young people across the state. We also would like to thank former line item champion Rep. Smitty Pignatelli and current champion Rep. Aaron Vega for their leadership in securing this increase over the past few months.

With the House Ways and Means Committee fully-funding mentoring programs, it sends a strong message that mentoring relationships are important and can have a positive impact throughout the state.

Please take the time to contact these legislators to thank them for their leadership on this important increase and for their support of the Mentoring Matching Grants line item and positive youth-adult relationships throughout the Commonwealth. If your own representative in the House included the Mentoring Matching Grants line item in their list of budget priorities be sure to send them a line extending your gratitude! 

On behalf of Mass Mentoring Partnership, we wish to thank you for your time, energy, dedication and continued advocacy for increased resources for the youth mentoring field.

Though we are celebrating today, there is still work to be done! The budget process will continue for us in May with the release of the Senate Ways and Means budget, where we hope to also see $750,000 in funding.  Be sure to check our Advocacy page for updates and calls to action in the final stages of the budget process!

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