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Virtual Arts Advocacy: Ask Legislators to Protect Arts Funding

Thank you, Arts Advocates! 
In the midst of the pandemic, you answered our call to urge your legislators to support the arts. More than 430 people registered to be part of our 117 virtual meetings with nearly half the members of the Minnesota House and Senate. Your stories and presence make a difference! 

These videos are great to share and enjoy again: 

Our work is not done yet – please send a follow up thank you note to your legislators remind them why arts funding is important to you.  If you were not able to join us for Advocacy Week, please send a follow up message using the tools in this alert.

Please encourage your friends, board members of organizations where you work, and volunteers/patrons of your favorite arts groups to contact their legislators, too. You may simply forward this email message to them. 

I want to give a special shout out to our Arts Advocacy Week Team Leaders:

Maxine Adams
Mark Albers
Julie Andersen
Jamie Andrews
Scott Artley
Mara Hanel
Masami Kawazato
Brenda Kayzar
Barry Kempton
Leslie LeCuyer
Mary Ann Aufderheide
Sandy Boren-Barrett
Linda Brobeck
Miranda Bryan
Chris Burda
LaTia Childers
Peg Churchwell
Leah Cooper
Mary McReynolds
Kathy Mouacheupao
Tamara Nadel
Michael-jon Pease 
Jeff Prauer
Michael Robins
Joanna Schnedler
Laura Seter
Hal Cropp
Nicole DeBoer
Debra deNoyelles
Drew Digby
Pat & Paul Dove
Katina Eklund
Jennifer Halcrow
Sheila Smith
Amy Stearns
Christopher Stevens
Mark Turner
Jill Underwood
Ben Vander Kooi Jr
Ian Vaver
  Katrina Wallmeyer
Ross Willits
Daniel Zielske

The gold medal for this virtual meeting Olympics event goes to MCA's own Mark Albers and our interns, Jennifer Gilles and Keana Vang. Join me in sending them thanks!

Be well, and be kind to each other.

Jennifer Halcrow
Interim Executive Director
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts

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