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Virtual Arts Advocacy Day: Thank Legislators For Arts Funding!
MCA is committed to the safety and wellness of our arts community, so MCA has canceled our day on the hill this year and instead will hold a VIRTUAL Arts Advocacy WEEK.

We are all practicing social distancing (something that comes naturally to most Minnesotans) but that doesn't mean we can't advocate for the arts. We're going to use Virtual Arts Advocacy Day to thank legislators for supporting arts funding. Your legislators need to know that their constituents support the arts. Please take five minutes to thank them for continued arts funding, and let them know that when you invest in the arts, the Arts Give Back.

Minnesotans have always pulled together when we need each other. We are a strong people who know how to work together, whether it’s during a blizzard or hard times like these, and the arts, which bring communities together across the state, are certainly part of the glue that have kept Minnesota such a special place for so long.  

We do need to say that as the crisis deepens, the effects on the arts community has been severe. With all of the theaters, museums and other venues closed, events canceled, and people losing their jobs, the economic impact on Minnesota and on the arts is huge. We realize that these problems will be faced by all Minnesotans - our hearts and our talents will be a part of the recovery. But it means that there will also be lasting damage to our arts community and to the public who we serve.

Even though you are staying in your house, you can all still make a difference by making sure your legislators know the importance of the arts to you and your community. We have provided a sample letter, but you can edit it any way you want.

Be well, and be kind to each other.

Sheila Smith
Executive Director
Minnesota Citizens for the Arts
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