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Action Alert—Urge Senate to Pass HB 349 (MO Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program)

HB 349, an education reform bill, is currently on the Senate calendar for debate. If passed, HB 349 would allow current public-school students with an individualized education plan (IEP), students from low-income families, and students entering kindergarten or first grade or entering school for the first time to seek alternative educational opportunities.


Known as the “Missouri Empowerment Scholarship Accounts Program”, HB 349 creates a tax credit that provides an incentive for taxpayers to make contributions to scholarship-granting organizations that offer students an opportunity to attend private or parochial schools. The program would allow taxpayers to receive a state tax credit equal to 100% of the total contribution made to these organizations, up to 50% of their individual state tax liability. The total cumulative tax credits available statewide would be $50 million per year for the first year. 


Many have experienced the benefits of private education, but not every child has this opportunity. Because of COVID-19, some families have learned even more about the limitations of their children’s current learning environment. These families are looking for a way to better meet their child’s needs, but often have limited options.


The Missouri Catholic Conference, in partnership with the Missouri Council for American Private Education (MoCAPE), encourages you to contact your state Senator and encourage their support for HB 349. 


Let your state senator hear from you today!



  1. Click "send message" to send a pre-composed message to your senator. Feel free to personalize the message!
  2. Share this message with your family and friends.
  3. Report any responses you receive back to the MCC.
  4. Pray that legislators advance educational scholarship legislation.

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