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MSBA Advocacy Positions

The purpose of the Missouri School Boards’ Association’s Advocacy Positions document is to state publicly MSBA’s positions on a variety of issues facing public education. This document clearly conveys to legislators, policymakers, the public and the media where MSBA stands on those issues.  Positions have been approved by the MSBA Delegate Assembly, where every MSBA member board has the opportunity to be represented.

As the organization representing the largest group of elected officials in Missouri, MSBA works in cooperation with parents, students, staff, community groups, members of educational organizations, state and local policymakers and others to make the support of public education a state priority. MSBA promotes and supports a system of public education that is accountable to the communities school boards serve and that prepares students to be productive citizens in a competitive and global society.  - Preamble of the MSBA Advocacy Positions

View the document here.


Attention MSBA Member School Boards: Proposed changes to the advocacy positions are considered annually by delegates at the Fall Delegate Assembly. More delegate information.


(November 2023) MSBA Delegates Approve Positions on School Board Elections, Educator Recruitment and More

The MSBA Delegate Assembly convened on Friday, November 3 in conjunction with the 2023 MSBA Annual Conference in Kansas City. Delegates approved amendments to two existing positions and five new positions. These positions are now part of MSBA’s Advocacy Positions, the collection of statements that guide MSBA’s advocacy on state and federal legislation. The new and amended positions can be found in the revised positions document here.

Legislators begin filing bills for the 2024 Missouri General Assembly on Friday, December 1. The session begins Wednesday, January 3.

Note; The numbering below is reflective of the proposals as presented in the Delegate Handbook.

1. Amended existing Finance position, page 2. 10. 
MSBA supports increasing state revenues available to adequately fund public education by bringing certain taxes on tobacco, e-cigarettes, imitation tobacco or cigarette products, recreational marijuana, alcohol and alcohol-related products, and internet sales to a level consistent with the national average.

2. New position: Educator Recruitment, page 9. 
MSBA supports funding and programs to encourage Missourians to enter the field of public education through Missouri’s postsecondary teacher preparation programs especially in certification areas of critical or persistent shortage.

3. Amended existing School Board Elections position, page 17.
1. MSBA believes that school board elections should be held annually on the April Municipal Election Day. School board elections should remain nonpartisan so the school board members may focus solely on what is best for the students and the school district. Further, MSBA opposes the use of cumulative voting in the election of school directors.

4. New position: Artificial Intelligence, page 11.
MSBA recognizes there is an increase in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all sectors of society. MSBA supports efforts to protect academic integrity and the privacy of students, faculty and staff as it relates to the use of AI.

5. New position under O. School Board Elections, page 17.
2. MSBA opposes legislation that would require school board filing to occur at any location other than the district’s central office.

6. New Position under O. School Board Elections, page 17.
3. MSBA supports a filing window for school board elections that is convenient, open, and safe for citizens and district staff.

7. New Position under N. School Board Candidates, page 17 
2. MSBA supports legislation and efforts to clarify and simplify Missouri Ethics Commission requirements for school board candidates and to improve notification and assistance from the Commission in complying with these requirements to avoid candidate ineligibility.



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