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2023 MO Legislative Session: Legislative Directories & Bill Summaries
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Bill summaries

These summaries provide a comprehensive overview of what can be long, complex legislative language.
Please note that the summaries may change as the bill moves through the legislative process.

Passed Bills Snapshot List - May 19
Note: This is a list of education-related bills that passed this legislative session. The list is for informational purposes.

View ALL Bills Truely Agreed To and Finally Passed (TATFP) here. (MO Senate Website)
Note: These bills may be signed into law or vetoed by the Governor.

Keep track of the 2023 Legislative Session in Missouri

Below are helpful links and resources to follow along with this legislative session. 

Watch /Listen Live Floor DebateMissouri House of RepresentativesMissouri Senate
View BillsMissouri House of RepresentativesMissouri Senate
CommitteesMissouri House of RepresentativesMissouri Senate






NEW: Legislative Directory by School District

MSBA compiles directories with Missouri House and Senators' contact information by school district. 

It's important to note that after redistricting, your school district's House and Senate boundaries may have changed.

Find your school district by the MSBA Region in which it belongs.  If you aren't sure which MSBA Region your school district belongs, view a map here.

Region 1Region 2Region 3Region 4Region 5
Region 6Region 7Region 8Region 9Region 10
Region 11Region 12Region 13Region 14Region 15
Region 16Region 17   







Please help ensure these contact lists are accurate. If you have a suggestion for a correction, please contact Jade Govero, Strategic Communications Director, email: govero@mosba.org. Thank you!

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